Aaron Paul also features in one of the festival's most looked-forward to films; Hellion. The full-length version of Kat Candler's 2012 short film of the same name, which also debuted at Sundance, sees young newcomer Josh Wiggins play a rebellious youth acting out after the death of his mother while his father (Paul) can only grieve.

The most hotly-anticipated, non-big name comedy to potentially rock the festival is the satirical Dear White People, which looks to expose some racial identity issues as well as provide laughs (check out a behind the scenes clip above). Justin Simien was able to complete his first time directorial thanks to a fundraising campaign hosted on Indiegogo and the low budget comedy might be the biggest success story to emerge from the festival since Clerks in 1994.

Whilst it might not seem like it, the story of palaeontologist Peter Larson's discovery of Sue, the most complete T. Rex skeleton ever discovered, is one of the most fascinating stories to be adapted into a film to be released early this year. Dinosaur 13 was directed by Todd Miller and marks the occasion when Hollywood finally got hold of Larson's story, after numerous attempts over the years to turn his book Rex Appeal into a film.