Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez has offered pal Jessica Alba a job for life, insisting he wants her to appear in every franchise film he makes.

After initially turning her down for a role when she was 17, the director has cast Alba in a string of big films, including Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, as well as his MAChete and Sin City movies.

Now he admits he wants her in every single one of his films, telling Wenn, "I met her when she auditioned for me at 17. She was too young for this role for this movie I was doing but I kept my eye on her because she was of the few Latin actresses I saw trying to break through. I encouraged her and said, 'Keep going, keep going'.

"We saw each other over the years and we said we'd have to work together. When it came time for Sin City I met with her and there she was. It was hard to find the Nancy (character) in the book because it was a very difficult character to figure out. But I knew I liked Jessica and I wanted to work with her so I went, 'You know you're just gonna have to create a Nancy'. She created something that even inspired (Sin City creator) Frank (Miller) to write this next story for her... She created almost something new with him.

"I'm always trying to work with Jessica; she's awesome. She's in my MAChete movies, she's in my Spy Kids movies. I'm trying to put her into every franchise I have!"