Robert Stigwood, the former manager of the Bee Gees has died aged 81. The Australian-born music mogul was famed for managing the career of the Gibb brothers, beginning in 1967 when he proclaimed them the year’s ‘Most Significant New Talent’. Stigwood was also a successful movie producer, working on films including Grease and Saturday Night Fever.

Stigwood’s death was announced on Facebook by Spencer Gibb, son of Bee Gees member Robin Gibb, who was also his godson. ‘I would like to share the sad news with you all, that my godfather, and the longtime manager of my family, Robert Stigwood, has passed away,’ Gibb wrote.

‘A creative genius with a very quick and dry wit, Robert was the driving force behind The Bee Gees career…..I would like to thank Robert for his kindness to me over the years as well as his mentorship to my family. “Stiggy", you will be missed.’

Along with managing the Bee Gees career Stigwood also worked discovered the band Cream and went on to manage Eric Clapton’s solo career. Stigwood also produced successful stage musicals including Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar, on which he worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

On twitter, Lloyd Webber paid tribute to his friend writing: Farewell beloved Robert, the great showman who taught me so much. With love, ALW.’ He also shared a picture of himself, Stigwood and producer Hal Prince at the opening night of Evita in 1980.

Stigwood was also known for his film work, including producing musicals Grease and Saturday Night Fever. He also brought The Who’s rock-opera Tommy to the big screen in 1975, as well as The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band film in 1978.