Robert Wagner might not be a suspect in his wife Natalie Wood’s death but, after the case was sensationally re-opened earlier in the week, he has been refusing police interviews.

Wood drowned off Catalina Island in 1981 whilst on a boat with her husband Wagner, actor Christopher Walken, and the boat’s captain. At the time, the cause of death was given as drowning, after an investigation. However, earlier this week the Los Angeles County coroner’s office changed the cause to ‘undetermined’, which means that the police have once again opened their lines of questioning – with Wagner one of the names on their list to question. "We reached out through his attorney and got rebuffed. We went to his home and he refused to talk us, and we sent him a letter, so I say it is fair to say he has declined to be interviewed, repeatedly," Los Angeles County Sheriff Lt. John Corina said Thursday, January 17.

Wagner had given interviews in the initial investigations in the 1980’s, but the sheriff said that he’d "changed his story over the years, as has the caretaker of the vessel." The reason that the case has been opened is owing to fresh bruising on the actress’ right forearm, left wrist and right knee, along with a scratch on her neck and a scrape on her forehead – none of which had been accounted for. This obviously leaves open the possibility that she was assaulted on the boat before drowning. 

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner hasn't been co-operating with police in the fresh investigation