Robin Roberts has announced that she intends on returning to Good Morning America some time in February.

The much-loved host has been absent from the show whilst she underwent serious and intense hospital treatment, in order to recover from MDS, a serious and rare blood disorder. After receiving a bone marrow transplant, Roberts has been in recovery, as her immune system would have been too weak for her to return to work.

Kicking off this morning’s show, though USA Today report that Roberts seemed excited to tentatively announce her return. She told viewers that she had a date in mind that was very special to her (some time in February) but added that she was still at the mercy of her doctors’ instructions. However, she was happy to reassure her fans that she was making good progress in terms of recovery. “I'm so happy to be sharing this news with everybody: I met with my doctors last week. My blood count continues to improve. My beloved sister, Sally-Ann, my donor. Her cells continue to make themselves at home in my body. The big news is that my last bone marrow aspiration — by the way, ouch, I've lost count how many I've had —- but the last bone marrow test showed no abnormalities. ... Praise God!”

Robin explained that she’ll be going through a ‘dry run,’ by setting that 4am alarm clock again and going to the studio for make-up and seeing how she feels after a week of doing that. She is expected to make a gradual return to the show and will not go back full-time to start off with.