Robin Roberts returned to GMA this morning, and received a special welcome from none other than President Barack Obama. Roberts was forced to take a hiatus from the show, when she was diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a bone marrow disorder. After receiving hospital treatment and gradually phasing herself back to work, Roberts appeared on Good Morning America this morning, wearing a bright blue dress and sporting a huge smile.

A taped message from President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, revealed the President telling Robin that he was happy to see that she was “back doing what you do best.” Michelle added that she was “looking forward” to an interview that she had scheduled with Roberts in a few days. Robin was a jovial mood and joked that her hair – which is still cropped very short as a result of her treatment – had “little bangs,” a joking reference to Michelle Obama’s comments about her own hairdo, which she referred to as “mid-life crisis” bangs.

Roberts seemed in good spirits throughout her appearance on the show, though her colleagues were careful to heed the medics advice and still treat her with kid gloves. Robin’s immune system is still delicate and her fellow presenters refrained from any heavy duty hugging to welcome her back onto the show. 

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts - pictured here before her treatment