Though the title track from Robin Thicke's latest album Blurred Lines was disparaged by critics for seemingly promoting sexual violence with its worrysome lyrics, the album was released today in the USA and is expected to hit No.1 as quickly as it did upon its 15th July release in the UK. The lead single from the album, 'Blurred Lines', which featured rapper T.I. and Pharrell Williams was released in March but ignited the fury of anti-sexual violence campaigners when the music video debuted.

Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke: Negative Press Could Have Increased The Notoriety Of His Music & Boosted Sales.

The video depicts Thicke and the accompanying rap duo surrounded by scantily clad women who strut around waiting to be pawed at by the suited men. Thicke hit back at those who criticised him, insisting he was a man of faithfulness and respect towards women, having been with his now-wife Paula Patton since their high school days. However, branded as "rapey", the song sickened many who saw it as exploitative and objectifying women but the single, perhaps boosted by the swirling negative press, hit and held the top spot on the singles chart in 21 countries.

Robin Thicke Paula Patton
Robin Thicke's Wife Paula Patton OK'd The Raunchy 'Blurred Lines' Video.

Rolling Stone rate Blurred Lines rather highly describing it as a record perfect for the season: "he makes a near-perfect summer record by acting like his life is as perfect as his hair" but The Observer can't see past Thicke's arrogant persona: "some of these tunes are passable party pabulum but Thicke is such a total tool that it gets in the way of any fun."

Robin Thicke Paula Patton
Thicke: Set To Hit No.1 In The US After UK Success.

Aside from its title track, Blurred Lines' track list includes singles '4 The Rest Of My Life' and 'Give It 2 U' - why text speak is used to title his work is a mystery but it's pretty safe to say that, riding on a wave of press dissecting the 36 year-old's work like never before, Robin's Thicke's new record is about to sleazily schmooze its way to the top of the charts with its would-be lothario crooner whispering "I wanna get nasty" into our ear canals.

Watch Blurred Lines' unrated video: