Charlotte Church – Tissues And Issues

Charlotte Church Records A Music Video In Cardiff
Charlotte Church, clearing the streets by playing her new single through a boombox.

Needless to say, the first connotations most people will think of when they hear the phrase ‘Tissues and Issues’ will be the unspeakable actions that take place in teenage boy’s bedrooms. Somehow, seemingly no one at Charlotte Church’s record company possesses a mind of such filthy incantations, which seems awfully strange because as everyone knows, those in the music business have some of the most depraved minds of any profession. Luckily for Charlotte, the album bombed and most of the public were saved from exposure to such an all-round awful piece of work.

Cher – Not.Com.Mercial

Cher In Concert At The MGM Grand
As we can see here, Cher has yet to suffer an identity crisis.

 A deadpan album title if there ever was one because Cher is as commercial as they come and followed on from the massive album Believe, which introduced the world of pop to the possibilities of auto-tune. So we have Cher to thank for partially talented singers who dress up their lacklustre vocals with all manner of digital fakery, then? Not.Com.Mercial also sees Cher jumping onto the internet bandwagon (“Not.Com”- get it? Just like the internet!) which is probably the most concise method of making an album seem incredibly dated.

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Fall Out Boy – Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Fall Out Boy Attend Kiss 108 Jingle Ball
Sources confirm Pete Wentz received a sharp dressing down after deviating from the group's agreed colour code.

Reach for your hair straighteners and eye-liner, pop-punk group Fall Out Boy are here to take your girlfriend out and serenade her with “Thks Fr Th Mmrs” and “Dance,Dance.” Have a great time guys! Bring me back some key-lime pie and a slice of self-loathing. In an emerging pattern, the record’s awful title is matched by an equally ill thought out album cover that looked dated a mere few days after its release. Remember when Patrick had hair? No, me neither. One for the charity shop methinks.