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Blade Runner 2049 - Announcement Trailer

The official announcement trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049' is finally here and while we still know little about the plot, we do get a glimpse of Ryan Gosling in his leading role as Officer K. We see him approaching the wreckage of what looks like a blimp and then an empty building in which he comes across a gun-wielding Harrison Ford who returns as Rick Deckard. The movie is based 30 years after events in the first movie, the LAPD's Officer K is the new blade runner in town, but his job gets a lot more complicated when he uncovers the truth behind the replicants' existence and sets out to find the long lost Deckard.

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A Most Wanted Man Review


Photographer-turned-filmmaker Anton Corbijn continues to show striking maturity with only his third movie (after Control and The American). Based on the John Le Carre novel, this thriller avoids cliches to become a brilliantly tense spy drama. It also offers Philip Seymour Hoffman another terrific posthumous performance, one of his best ever, as a quietly tenacious man who refuses to get caught up in the hype.

Set in Hamburg, the story centres on Gunther (Hoffman), the exhausted leader of a top-secret anti-terrorist unit who has gathered around him a loyal team (including Nina Hoss, Daniel Bruhl and Vicky Krieps). When they spot an unknown Chechen in town, they identify him as Issa (Grigoriy Dobrygin) but aren't sure what he's up to. Gunther thinks that following him is the best course of action, as he may lead them to much bigger fish. And they're further intrigued when he contacts a lawyer (Rachel McAdams) and a powerful banker (Willem Dafoe). But the local police and German security forces want to arrest Issa and interrogate him, even though this will stop Gunther from taking down a potentially much bigger operation, and even though it looks like Issa isn't a terrorist at all. Only a US embassy attache (Robin Wright) shares Gunther's long-game approach, but can they delay the gung-ho cops?

While the central plot slowly cranks up some powerful suspense, it's the dramatic and thematic elements of the film that truly get under the skin, mainly thanks to Hoffman's world-weary performance as a man whose eyes miss nothing. And he's beginning to wish he could just close them and pretend all of this doesn't exist. Every conversation he has sparks with jagged insinuation, driving the entire film deeper as an exploration of the dangers of self-proclaimed "good guys" with too much military power, especially when they're paranoid. This is augmented by several personal layers of plot-threads, including Issa's own compelling mystery, beautifully played by a gifted cast that's great at saying one thing and meaning another.

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Primetime Emmy Awards 2014 -Breaking Bad Predictably Dominates Drama

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Julianna Margulies Robin Wright Claire Danes Lizzy Caplan Kerry Washington Woody Harrelson Matthew Mcconaughey Anna Gunn Kevin Spacey Maggie Smith Joanne Froggatt Christina Hendricks Jon Voight Peter Dinklage Mandy Patinkin Allison Janney Diana Rigg Kate Mara Joe Morton Beau Bridges Robert Morse Dylan Baker Paul Giamatti

The Primetime Emmy Awards were held on Monday evening (25th August) in Los Angeles and there was stiff competition in every category although the results were ultimately highly predictable. 

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad dominated the drama awards at the Primetime Emmys.

Read More: Forget Malcolm In The Middle, Three Serious Breaking Bad Ending Theories.

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The Congress Review

Very Good

Fiercely original and wildly ambitious, this provocative drama is often thrilling simply because it's like nothing ever put on-screen. This means that it can be somewhat overwhelming at times, as the film cycles through its dense plot, which seems to meander and stumble here and there. From inventive filmmaker Ari Folman (who made the award-winning animated doc Waltz With Bashir), this is a challenging look at identity in an increasingly digital society.

The story begins in the present day, as actress Robin Wright (playing a variation on herself) is living out of the limelight with her two kids (Kodi Smit-McPhee and Sami Gayle). Then her agent Al (Harvey Keitel) brings her a very strange job offer: a film studio boss (Danny Huston) wants to buy Robin's image to digitise and use in movies, while the real Robin is free to live her life away from Hollywood. Since her son's medical condition needs her attention, she signs a 20-year contract and lets the studio create an avatar that will carry on her career. Two decades later, advances in technology have made this kind of virtual existence available to the general public, so as a pioneer Robin is invited to the Futurists Congress, which is held in an animated alternate reality.

Essentially the story is told in two halves. The first part of the film is a smart and funny razor-sharp satire of Hollywood image-making, as the studio wants the young Robin Wright of The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump rather than the older, more serious actress. And from her perspective, she still wants to control her image as much as possible ("no Nazi or sci-fi movies!"). Then events leap forward to the animated Congress, which is a deluge of colourful characters from vintage cartoons and videogames. In this realm, people can be whatever they want to be. But the truth is that they are living drugged-up Matrix-style lives in the real world while their avatars cavort as if in a dreamland.

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Tom Hanks' Audition Tape For Forrest Gump Is Adorable

Tom Hanks Robin Wright Haley Joel Osment

Can you believe it's twenty years since Robert Zemeckis's Forrest Gump was first released? The weepy drama that won the 1994 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Director, Best Visual Effects, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing has gone into film history as not only a great movie, but one of Tom Hanks' finest performances.

It's hard to imagine any other actor in the role of the titular Forrest, yet Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and John Travolta all turned down the opportunity, and Hanks himself had to audition just like everybody else. Take a look below at his touching audition tape, also starring Robin Wright and an adorably little Haley Joel Osment, who even helps Hanks out with a line.


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The Congress Trailer

'The Princess Bride' actress Robin Wright plays a fictional idea of herself, as someone struggling to land acting roles despite her immense fame decades ago. In the movie, her son is suffering from increasing blindness for which she needs to raise many to help. Her agent has one last idea; seeing as she can no longer land movie roles, Miramount Studios want to scan her whole body, emotions, voice and personality to be used in digital imagery for future films so she no longer has to act. Desperate, she accepts the deal; allowing the studio to take ownership of her and accepting the money they pay her for it. Years later, however, she has become a major movie star once again and now Miramount want to showcase their new avatar programme at the Futurological Congress, whereby buyers can turn themselves into animated versions of anyone - and Miramount wants Robin to let people become her. As her life progresses, she starts to wonder just where the reality has gone in this virtual world.

This intriguing half-animated sci-fi drama explores themes of virtual reality and the limitlessness of human endeavour in the technological era. It has been directed and written by Ari Folman ('Waltz with Bashir', 'Made in Israel', 'Saint Clara') and is based on the novel 'The Futurological Congress' by Stanislaw Lem. 'The Congress' is due for UK release on August 15th 2014.

Click here to read The Congress movie review

A Most Wanted Man Trailer

A German spy belonging to a secret anti-terrorist group named Gunther Bachmann embarks on his latest mission when an immigrant named Issa of both Chechen and Russian descent is discovered in Hamburg, following a traumatic experience of torture back home. Issa insists he is the heir to a large fortune, enlisting human-rights lawyer Annabel Richter to help him claim it, but Gunther's colleagues are not convinced; they believe he is an Islamic terrorist who needs to be arrested and interrogated immediately. Gunther sees things a little differently, and is more suspicious of his relationship with Richter rather than his more obvious circumstances, but when it suggested that Issa could be in league with a Muslim philanthropist who is also an advocate of terrorism, he has to decide if Issa is the villain his co-workers suggest he is. Or could he just be the imperilled victim of the whole situation?

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'House Of Cards' Brings Home Peabody Award For Netflix

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Netflix Kerry Washington

It was a superb evening for Netflix at the 73rd Peabody Awards this week, with the streaming service's two hit dramas 'House of Cards' and 'Orange is the New Black' both winning the prestigious gongs.

House of CardsKevin Spacey [L] and Robin Wright [R] in 'House of Cards'

Peabody recognises shows based on excellence - there are no set categories and everything from scripted drama to news reports are considered. 'House of Cards' stars Kevin Spacey as the ruthless politician Frank Underwood and his scheming wife, played by Robin Wright. The show - which won the first Emmy award for an online-only show - has been re-commissioned for a third season.

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President Obama Requests "No Spoilers" For 'House Of Cards' Season 2

Barack Obama Michelle Obama Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Kate Mara

President Barack Obama has requested that America, and the rest of the world for that matter, keep any news of House of Cards season 2 to themselves, at least until he has time to watch it!

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama tweets "No spoilers, please."

President Obama took to Twitter on Thursday (13th February), evidently excited about the release of the second season of the hit drama on Netflix. The President tweeted "Tomorrow: House of Cards. No spoilers, please."

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'House Of Cards' Season 2 Opens With A Shocking Death As Frank Celebrates His Birthday

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Kate Mara Molly Parker Sandrine Holt Sebastian Arcelus

The opening episode of House of Cards season 2 will definitely go down as one of the most shocking in television history: one of the main characters has been brutally killed off; Claire is desperate for a baby; and Frank celebrates a subdued birthday. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now! Spoilers included!

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey at the screening of House of Cards season 2 in L.A.

Frank's usual narrative directly to the camera only begins in the last minute and he leaves the audience with a menacing "Welcome Back." This sudden address is almost as shocking as the writer's decision to kill one of the main characters. Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) and her journalist friends are attempting to uncover the truth about Congressman Peter Russo's (Corey Stoll) death. They know Frank is somehow connected and Zoe confronts him at a secret meeting in a subway station. Unfortunately for Zoe, Frank will do anything to ensure he's not under suspicion and pushes his former lover in front of a passing train. 

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A Most Wanted Man - Clip

Gunther Bachmann is a German spy who has been enlisted by both German and American Secret Services to track down a Chechen-Russian immigrant named Issa in Hamburg who claims to be the heir to an enormous fortune in a private bank account. Gunther's colleagues believe Issa is an Islamic terrorist and request that he is rounded up and questioned immediately, however when Gunther discovers a suspicious relationship between him and his lawyer Annabel Richter, he holds back in order to find out what's going on in their heads. When he finds out that an Islamic charity boss is strongly linked to a terrorist organisation, he has to work out if Issa is in on it too - but could he be the biggest victim?

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"House Of Cards'" Robin Wright And Ben Foster Announce Engagement

Robin Wright Ben Foster

Congratulations Robin Wright and Ben Foster! The acting pair recently got engaged, according to E! News, and broke the big news in style at Diane von Furstenberg's "Journey of a Dress" party on Friday, Jan. 10 in Los Angeles, where the House of Cards starlet had the ring on display as she posed for pictures with daughter Dylan Penn.

Robin Wright, TFF
Robin Wright's (formerly Robin Wright Penn) most recent work includes the Netflix series House of Cards.

Wright and Foster have been dating for two years now, with reports that the two were an item first surfacing around February 2012. They originally met in 2011, when they co-starred in the crime drama Rampant.

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'House Of Cards' Star Robin Wright And Ben Foster Get Engaged

Robin Wright

'House Of Cards' star Robin Wright is engaged to her actor boyfriend Ben Foster.

A rep for the 47 year-old actress confirmed that she is set to walk down the aisle with the 33 year-old to E!News.

News first broke of their engagement when Foster showed off her sparkling diamond ring at the opening of Diane von Furstenberg's 'Journey of a Dress' exhibition in Los Angeles on Friday (Jan 10th).

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Golden Globes 2014 Celebrates New Shows Over The Old As Television Nominations Are Revealed

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Corey Stoll Michael Sheen Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Julianna Margulies Kerry Washington James Spader Liev Schreiber Rob Lowe Michael Douglas Matt Damon Amy Poehler Zooey Deschanel Lena Dunham Edie Falco Andy Samberg Jim Parsons Don Cheadle Jason Bateman Michael J Fox Helen Mirren Jessica Lange

The nominations for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards were revealed this week and although there were few surprises in the movie nominations; in the television categories however, it's time for change in the established order of critically-acclaimed TV. Former nomination regulars like Mad Men and Homefront are nowhere to be seen in the nominees lists, replaced instead by the new order of critically-acclaimed shows.

Master of Sex
Master of Sex, along with House of Cards, is now the show to beat

Master of Sex and House of Cards now look like the shows to beat, with Breaking Bad making what will be its final appearance at the Golden Globes with the series ending this year. This comes just a year after Homeland achieved the impressive feat of winning Best Drama Series, Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor all in one night, although this does mark the second year in a row that the 2007-2009 winner Mad Men has not appeared in the Best Drama category.

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Netflix's 'House Of Cards' To Return For Second Season Next Year

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright Kate Mara David Fincher Gerald McRaney

Get ready to start binge-watching some high-quality drama once again, as Netflix's original series House of Cards is returning to the online streaming site for its second season. The Kevin Spacey vehicle will be back on 14 February, 2014, with Netflix making the entire, 13-episode season available to stream from then.

The series was a hit last time around

Academy Award-winner Spacey will be back as the despicable US Senator Francis Underwood, who will continue to slither his way through the dark side of Washington D.C. to rise to the top of the political ladder, negotiating past all the greed, sex, love and corruption that lies in his way. Fellow Emmy-nominee Robin Wright will also be back for the second season, returning as Spacey's equally devious wife Claire Underwood, with director David Fincher and screenwriters Beau Willimon and Eric Roth all returning behind the scenes.

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House Of Cards Season 2 Air Date: What's In Store For Frank Underwood?

Kevin Spacey Kate Mara Robin Wright

House of Cards season 2 will premiere on Valentines' Day 2014, with all 13 episodes available straight away on Netflix. Executive produced by David Fincher, the second season of the classy political drama will continue to focus on Francis Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) ruthless rise to fame as journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) inches ever closer to the truths about his crimes.

kevin Spacey House of CardsKevin Spacey Is Back As Frank Underwood in House of Cards Season 2

Though Spacey, Mara and Robin Wright are all back for season two, there's also some new names joining the cast including Jayne Atkinson (The Following), Gil Birmingham (The Lone Ranger) Joanna Going (Mad Men) Derek Cecil (Treme) and Costance Zimmer (The Newsroom).

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Is Season Three On The House Of Cards? Netflix Confident In Kevin Spacey Political Thriller

Kevin Spacey Kate Mara Robin Wright

Beau Willimon’s broody political thriller House of Cards was a success in its first season, with Kevin Spacey and co helping to bring streamed television to the forefront of the medium’s appeal.


It was no surprise, given the critical response and the record-breaking Emmy performance, that season two would shortly follow, but Netflix’s confidence in the show seems to have skyrocketed with talk of a third season commission already on the… cards.

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Frank Underwood Feels Pain Yet Again As Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Comes Close

Kevin Spacey Robin Wright

If you’ve watched House of Cards, then you’ll know Kevin Spacey’s character – the unflinching Frank Underwood – doesn’t take kindly to anything less than perfection.

Kevin SpaceySpacey's strong performance wasn't enough to bag an Emmy.

And while the moody political drama, based in Washington and shown exclusively on the streaming service Netflix, made history with its Emmy nominations, a sole award for David Fincher in the directorial discipline wouldn’t have left the scheming politician with much doubt: next year must be a victorious one.

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Video - Rebel Wilson, Robin Wright And Steven Spielberg At The 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner - Part 1

Among arrivals at the 2013 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner at the Washington Hilton were 'Pitch Perfect' star Rebel Wilson with her sister Liberty, 'House of Cards' star Robin Wright, Oscar winning movie director Steven Spielberg and the Grammy winning John Legend.

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The Princess Bride Quotes Remembered (Pictures)

Robin Wright Chris Sarandon Mandy Patinkin Andre the Giant Wallace Shawn Cary Elwes Rob Reiner William Goldman

The Princess Bride 25th anniversary has arrived and with it, a Blu-ray special edition featuring loads of brand new extras including interviews, behind the scenes action and much more.

This cult classic fairytale movie arrived on our screens in 1988 featuring a hilarious ensemble cast that has kept us gripped for a quarter of a century of watching. It is the story of how a beautiful young woman named Buttercup (Robin Wright) is forced into almost marrying the deceitful Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), before being captured by a group of not so bright but not so evil crooks; a Spanish fencer named Inigo (Mandy Patinkin), a Turkish giant named Fezzik (André the Giant) and their Sicilian boos Vizzini (Wallace Shawn). However, along the way she is reunited with her former love Westley (Cary Elwes) who she believed to be dead until then, and they all go about attempting to bring down Buttercup's fiancé, the future King of Florin.

Although it was never a major success at the box office, this classic Oscar nominated film was well-received by critics on its release and it has remained a family favourite ever since, being especially regarded as one of the most quotable films of all time. Some of the best The Princess Bride quotes are worth bringing up again: 

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Rampart Review

Harrelson reunites with The Messenger writer-director Moverman for this grim drama about police corruption in late-1990s Los Angeles. But while it's sharply well-made, the film doesn't really offer anything new to the bad-cop genre.

Dave (Harrelson) is struggling to hold his fractured family together while covering up his dodgy activities as a cop in L.A.'s rough Rampart district. He lives with his two ex-wives (Heche and Nixon) and two daughters (Larson and Boyarsky), while developing a tentative relationship with a lawyer (Wright).

But his vigilante-style approach to his job leaves him with few friends, while his addiction to prescription drugs is sending him into a downward spiral. And now he's being harassed by the D.A. (Weaver) and her investigator (Ice Cube).

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Rampart Trailer

In the midst of the 1990's Rampart Scandal, Dave Brown works for the LAPD and is the most corrupt cop you're ever likely to meet. He is racist, homophobic and chauvinistic and that's just the tip of the iceberg. In his mind, he thinks he is an action hero and he has dedicated himself to doing 'the people's dirty work'. In his personal life, he has two ex-wives - both of them sisters - and has fathered two daughters between them.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist for Sweden's 'Millenium' magazine, a monthly publication that has a decent amount of readers. After publishing a shocking expos' on a billionaire businessman, he is sued for libel but loses the highly publicised case and is sentenced to three months in prison.

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Moneyball Trailer

Billy Beane is the general manager of the baseball team Oakland Athletics, who have a budget of $41 million. Looking to expand the team's budget so he can buy some of the best competitive players, he goes to the manager, Art Howe, who refuses, citing the New York Yankees, who had just spent over $125 million on players.

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The Conspirator Review

Robert Redford revisits the Lincoln assassination with this earnest historical drama. Being a relatively obscure chapter of American history, the story is pretty fascinating, although the film is so parched that it rarely comes alive.

After the President is murdered in 1865, inexperienced lawyer Frederick (McAvoy) is assigned to defend Mary Surratt (Wright), who is charged with conspiracy alongside eight others. As a war hero from the North, Frederick is horrified to get this job, but is convinced by his boss (Wilkinson) that she at least deserves a fair trial. Of course, in the hysteria following the war and assassination, that's not likely. The judge (Meaney) clearly takes sides, the prosecutor (Huston) is relentlessly arrogant and the war secretary (Kline) has already decided on a verdict and sentence.

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A Christmas Carol Review

The quintessential Christmas classic gets yet another movie incarnation with this visually impressive version from effects wizard Zemeckis. For most of us, all the surprises here are visual, and it's well worth seeing in 3D.

For seven years after his business partner Marley dies, Ebenezer Scrooge (Carrey) ruthlessly pinches his pennies, underpaying his assistant Bob Cratchit (Oldman) and neglecting the family of his nephew Fred (Firth). Then on Christmas Eve, Marley's ghost informs Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts, and that night Scrooge takes a terrifying odyssey through his past, present and future, realising that he has completely missed the point of his life. And of Christmas.

Continue reading: A Christmas Carol Review

A Home At The End Of The World Review

An initially touching story that wilts under its own insignificance, A Home at the End of the World is the second film to be adapted from a Michael Cunningham novel, following the footsteps of The Hours, a work that, for all its flaws, A Home can't even come close to. In an opening that veers wildly, and not unpleasantly, between adolescent melodrama and wildly unintended farce, we are given the suburban Cleveland childhood of two buddies, Bobby Morrow and Jonathan Glover. Bobby's eyes were opened to the world at age nine in the late 1960s, when his older brother Carlton introduced him to the joys of acid and hanging out in graveyards.

A few years later, after the deaths of both Carlton and his mother, Bobby is a puppy-eyed teenager who inherited Carlton's magnetic personality and utter lack of guile, which is what attracts another teen, the gawkier Jonathan, to him. After his dad dies, Bobby moves permanently into the Glover household as a sort of unofficial adopted brother to Jonathan - except that they're brothers who occasionally make out and smoke joints with Mrs. Glover (Sissy Spacek). The rather uptight Jonathan (he wears glasses and has braces, you see) can't handle Bobby's openness and is more than a little jealous of how eagerly her mother has embraced him into their family, and their romantic relationship stalls.

Continue reading: A Home At The End Of The World Review

White Oleander Review

Very Good
White Oleander is one girl's dramatic coming-of-age story -- emphasis on the word "dramatic." A bright teen bounces around some dreadful foster homes, gets street-tough while in a facility for abandoned kids, and witnesses more tragedy in three years than any person should see in a lifetime. With such relentlessly morose subject matter, you'd think director Peter Kosminsky's adaptation of Janet Fitch's bestseller would lean toward TV melodrama -- and while the script may do so, Kosminsky's deft direction and fine editorial choices make White Oleander an effective and well-paced story of self-realization and determination.

The novel White Oleander was a 1999 selection of the ubiquitous Oprah Winfrey Book Club and you can tell why: There are so many brutally dysfunctional people in the story that Dr. Phil could produce months of television delving into their sorry lives. Astrid (Alison Lohman) is an only child, growing up in the Hollywood Hills with Ingrid (Michelle Pfeiffer), her eccentric, urban-arty mother. After a series of events that Kosminsky smartly keeps off-camera, Ingrid kills her boyfriend. Or does she? And how? Regardless, the beautiful, hopeful, young Astrid is picked up by state services and sent to live in a double-wide with a foster family.

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Unbreakable Review

With the long-awaited release of M. Night Shyamalan's Unbreakable, the moviegoing world has one question on its mind: will it be unexpectedly great like his last film The Sixth Sense, or will it unexpectedly suck eggs like his first film Wide Awake?

Sadly, the answer is neither, though an overexcited populace spoon-fed on a year's worth of hype is likely to lean toward the latter owing to severe disappointment. It's hard to blame them.

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Message In A Bottle Review


About 75 percent of "Message In a Bottle" is waiting for theother shoe to drop.

Robin Wright Penn plays a Chicago Tribune researcher whobecomes fixated on finding the author of a grief-filled love letter setadrift at sea. By the time she meets him, the letter has done a numberon her heart and she falls in love quickly with the achingly widowed, middle-agedsalt, played by a Kevin Costner, and spends most of the movie trying tofind the right moment to say "Hey, I read that letter to your deadwife that no one was ever supposed to see."

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Robin Wright

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