Rochelle Humes is embarrassed by her daughter's obsession with a doll of her husband, Marvin Humes.

The 25-year-old singer has admitted she found it ''cringey'' when she was recently photographed holding a doll of her husband, former JLS member Marvin, but revealed the figurine is a precious play-thing for their one-year-old daughter, Alaia-Mai.

She said: ''It's actually my daughter's favourite toy in the world, which already embarrasses me enough as it is.

''She is going through my bag saying, 'Mummy? Want daddy!' She knows it's him.''

Rochelle - who is a member of hit girl group The Saturdays - also explained how their daughter instantly recognised the doll of her 29-year-old daddy in a toy store.

She explained: ''She saw it in Toys R Us and screamed 'Daddy!' It was the weirdest thing. At the minute she keeps biting his head though.''

The 'What About Us' singer also revealed her daughter has developed an impressive wardrobe after One Direction heartthrob Niall Horan bought her a pricey Burberry coat.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''She's not actually got that much designer gear because she's only in it for two seconds.

''So when he bought her that I was like, 'You're so naughty! She better not get a taste of this high-life business.'

''Alaia-Mai has a much better wardrobe than me. All I do is buy cute dresses.''