Rochelle Humes wants to ''bubble wrap'' her house to protect her daughter.

The Saturdays singer is worried about two-year-old Alaia-Mai - her child with Marvin Humes - injuring herself now she's running around everywhere and has come up with a drastic plan to safe-proof her entire home.

Rochelle came up with the idea as she and Marvin where having a discussion about first aid for kids with Dr. Ranj Singh on 'This Morning' today (07.08.15).

She said: ''I feel like I just want to bubble wrap everything in the house, or just put a helmet on her - or both!''

Marvin agreed with his concerned spouse, saying: ''Oh, our little one is always forever bumping her head, she's always running into tables and things.''

Former JLS singer Marvin is also paranoid Alaia-Mai could choke on something because she puts so many different items in her mouth as she plays.

He said: ''Our daughter is two-and-half years old and she's constantly putting things in her mouth. That's (something) that worries me so much.''

But Dr. Ranj put the concerned parents minds at ease and assured them that any bump to the head would likely cause nothing more serious than a bruise.

He also told Marvin and Rochelle that it is totally natural for Alaia-Mai to put things in her mouth because that's how young children explore the world around them.