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Dear rock and roll hall of fame why are you inducting the Dave Clark five to the Hall of Fame when Dave Clark didnt even play on his own records?Think I'm wrong then, ask my friend Clem Cattini the World famous session drummer who played on 47 no 1 hits because he was there at the time.

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by niloc

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the doobie brothers are the best band in the world in my opinion and should have been in the rock and roll hall years ago.tom jonston and pat simmons have made the doobies improve over the years and strive to be the best players they can be.definately a team that has the same goals in music.people got to love again off their last cd sibling riv.what else can i say.keep rockin doobs.your the greatest and have made my singing alot better just by watching you guys.

Posted 17 years 2 months ago by violetdear

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Vote for deserving but overlooked artists into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at: you can also go to: artists whose first release was in '82 or before are eligible.The top 20 vote-getters at this point:1. Rush 2. Van Halen 3. Chicago 4. R.E.M. 5. Yes 6. Moody Blues 7. Deep Purple 8. Doobie Brothers 9. Peter Gabriel (solo) 10. Carole King 11. Dire Straits 12. Genesis 13. Alice Cooper 14. The Cars 15. John Mellencamp 16. Jethro Tull 17. Pete Townshend (solo) 18. Styx 19. Electric Light Orchestra 20. Heart

Posted 17 years 8 months ago by Garrett

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