Movie icon Rock Hudson's widow is embroiled in a new gay scandal, years after her husband was exposed as a homosexual.

Love scorned MIKE WAGNER is accusing PHYLLIS GATES, 78, of breaking up his marriage after enjoying a lesbian fling with his wife LYNDA.

Wagner became suspicious about relations between his wife and Hudson's secretary-turned-wife after Lynda started working as a home-help for the pensioner.

He says, "She launched a campaign to get my wife to break up with me so Phyllis could have her for herself.

"My wife is young enough to be her granddaughter.

"I wasn't worried when Phyllis began to ask Lynda to stay overnight with her - until Lynda confided that Phyllis was coming to her in the middle of the night and trying to get into bed with her."

The scandal was exposed when Lynda took her husband to court in a bid to get a temporary restraining order against him, claiming he was a "jealous stalker" who followed her everywhere.

Gates' friends are appalled by the allegations. One says, "She's confined to a wheelchair. She couldn't hop into bed with anybody."

16/12/2004 09:32