Rocky Ridge Refuge

Twenty years ago Janice Wolf fulfilled her ambition of creating a rescue centre for all animals. Since then, the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Midway, Arkansas has become a shelter to a veritable noah's arc of rescued animals - all coexisting as a special animal family. The non-profit organisation is certainly a unique place of helping and healing for a wide variety of special needs animals. . . . Long-term resident, Cheesecake the Capybara fosters many of the orphaned puppies that enter the refuge. Whilst Crouton the African Sulcata Tortoise, Barcode the Zebra, Butterbean the "chief nanny" Bull Terrier and, new resident, Brad the Meishan Piglet are just a few of the wonderful characters receiving medical care and attention at the Rocky Ridge Refuge. Much of Janice's formative years were devoted to rescuing and raising wildlife, starting with an injured Pelican in Key West - when she was not yet 3 years-old. And having studied social work and counselling, she began to focus her education on animal welfare - including work as a vet tech. On relocating to Arkansas from Hawaii, she founded the Rocky Ridge Refuge. Initial residents included: a one-eyed Llama, an orphaned Water Buffalo, a baby Nilgai Antelope with a fractured leg and Lurch the African watusi steer - who grew to be the Guinness World Record holder for largest horn circumference. Lurch's popularity raised the refuge's profile and by 2008 on it provided a home to an additional 10 puppies and a lamb. It's an understatement to say things have grown from there, with no end to the funny and touching stories. . . .especially since Janice takes in many species who end up sharing her house. Janice recounts two tales . . .of the furry n twirly variety! "Brad, the Meishan Piglet has a crate in the kitchen to sleep in and the dogs have taught him how to use the the dog door - so he soon became one of the pack. Butterbean my Bull Terrier and 'Chief Nanny', sleeps with him and stays very close otherwise. "I have a litter - Midway , Arkansas, United Arab Emirates - Monday 3rd February 2014 (1 Picture)

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