The Maggie May singer had a reputation as a hard-drinking womaniser during his heyday with the Faces in the 1970s but he is adamant the image of a rock 'n' roll wildman has become "passe".

He warns Justin is heading down the wrong road in trying to re-shape his image for a more adult fanbase, and he cites clean-living One Direction singer Harry Styles as an example of the perfect modern-day pop star.

Rod tells British magazine Event, "Harry Styles is a good lad, I like him. But there are some people in the music business that try so hard to be different and rebellious. Like Justin Bieber - he wants so much to be a bad, bad rock star. But you either are or you're not - you can't fake it. He tries too hard.

"The public have seen it all before and they're tired of rock stars behaving badly. It's passe. The Who and The Faces did it all before they were born."

In recent years Justin has been rocked by a series of scandals including convictions for vandalism, careless driving and resisting arrest.