The Rocket Man star is an outspoken opponent of laws banning gay 'propaganda' in the former Soviet Union, and he is angling for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin to debate the issue.

The controversial politician has agreed to try to find time in his schedule to speak with the pop star after pranksters earlier posed as Putin and tricked Sir Elton during a hoax phone call.

Maggie May singer Stewart suggests the offer shows the level of his old pal's influence, and he is certain Sir Elton will use his charm to talk Putin into a U-turn on the country's controversial laws.

Discussing the prank call, Stewart tells British magazine Event, "So Elton had the last laugh there. But Elton's making the effort so I admire him for that - maybe it'll bring gay rights to the Russian public's attention. Someone needs to."

Following the phone prank last month (Sep15), Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov revealed Putin had reached out to Sir Elton, and said, "I know that those phone pranksters fooled you. Please don't be angry with them... Putin also said that he understands how popular Elton John is, so if their schedules permit, he will be willing to meet him in the future and discuss any issues that he is concerned about."