The Maggie May star was recently rumoured to have been chosen as a guest judge on Simon Cowell's U.K. reality series The X Factor, but Rod is adamant the story is not true.

Rod, 70, insists he does not dislike the show, but fears he would never be given the chance to judge because of his age.

"No. I wouldn't be doing that show," he tells John Leslie on his Greatest Hits Radio show. "I've got nothing against the show. It's just I'm far too old quite honestly... I'm far too busy trying to flog (sell) my album."

It is not the first time Rod has been linked to a role on the U.K. TV show - back in 2012, he was also reported to have been hired as a guest judge, but the rumours did not pan out.

During the interview, Rod also talks about his newfound love of songwriting, revealing he did not enjoy the process when he was younger but now loves his time in the studio.

"I'm enjoying this rebirth and being able to write songs," he adds. "It's not easier, but it is more pleasurable. In the old days, when I was with The Faces, for instance, they had to lock me in a hotel room with a bottle of wine and say, 'Come on, Stewart. Get on with it'. But nowadays I'm absolutely the opposite. I love it. I absolutely love writing songs."

The interview is set to air next week (beg09Nov15).