Rod Stewart is ''easy to please'' at Christmas.

The 67-year-old singer will be spending the festive season at his home in Essex, South East England, with his wife Penny Lancaster, 41, and their two sons Alastair, seven, and 22-month-old Aiden - and although Rod is one of the most successful musicians of all time he prefers modest gifts to extravagant purchases.

In an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine, Penny revealed: ''Rod is pretty easy to please. He never really wants anything, the things he likes are very simple luxuries; really good brushes for his model railway hobby and cashmere socks, which he loves to wear in bed and on planes because he gets really cold feet.

''There's Rod the rock star who gets up on stage and sings. And there's the Rod I'm married to, the very funny, very loving, family man who just loves being surrounded by the people he loves and those who love him.''

Although the 'Maggie May' singer appreciates the simple things, he and Penny always make sure they treat their two boys to special presents on Christmas day (25.12.12) - but first their dad likes to trick them with joke presents first.

The model-and-photographer added: ''As the boys open their stockings, [Rod will] joke with them and say, 'An orange. You got an orange. You lucky boys! When I was a boy I'd be lucky to get the paper the orange was wrapped in.' ''

Rod added: ''On Christmas Day I'm on battery and screwdriver duty for all the new toys ... for the children, of course.''

Rod also has six other grown-up children from his previous relationships.