Sir Rod Stewart wants a biopic made about his life just like his friend Sir Elton John.

The 75-year-old musician was a big fan of 'Rocketman', which was about the career of his life-long pal Elton, and he thinks Rhys Ifans would be the ideal actor to play him, but he would need to change his hair to reflect Rod's shocking blonde locks.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, he said: ''Rhys would be a very good idea. (But) he has got to do something with his barnet.''

Rod also revealed that his 14-year-old son Alistair offered to play him as a teenager because the pair look so alike.

The 'You're In My Heart' singer said: ''Alistair has offered to play me when I was 14 as there is a remarkable similarity. If it does not happen it does not matter but I would be flattered if it did.''

There have been several acclaimed music biopics in recent years, and Rod admits that 'Bohemian Rhapsody', in which Rami Malek won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, would be a tough movie to match.

He said: ''But I tell you what, the Freddie Mercury one was so good. It was rock and roll. It would be hard to get something better than that but I would give it a shot.''

Rod - who is married to Lady Penny Lancaster Stewart - also opened up about missing performing during the coronavirus lockdown and doubts that his planned tour of the US will go ahead this summer.

He said: ''I miss work. I am itching to get back.

''I keep in contact with the band and they keep saying 'see you at the soundcheck', but we don't know when that is going to be.

''I was supposed to tour in July all around the States, can't see that happening. With luck we may be going to Australia and New Zealand in October.''