Rocker Rod Stewart has put DJ Paul Oakenfold's father in hospital - by kicking a football at his head.

The MAGGIE MAY singer, 59, booted the ball off the stage at his Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl gig on Monday (30AUG04), but hit VINCENZO COSTA, 61, on his temple, sending him into convulsions and prompting four hours of emergency hospital tests.

Costa's actress daughter ANGELA believed her father was going to die, and has threatened to sue Stewart unless the family receives an apology.

She says, "Dad was in an awful state. I was terrified he would have a heart attack. If Rod has been told about it, I'm surprised. I haven't heard anything. Our home here overlooks the Bowl. We could have watched from the garden and my parents would have been safe."

Stewart traditionally closes his performances by hurling footballs into the audience, and two years ago (02) STEVE TUDOR claimed a ball broke his finger at a show in Cardiff, Britain.

02/09/2004 02:26