Rod Stewart Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

27th January 2017

Quote: "Mick's got eight now, hasn't he? That's enough for me. I've put the cue in the rack." Like top rocker pal Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart has no plans to add a ninth child to his family.

14th December 2016

Fact: DJ David Guetta and hip hop stars Run-DMC are set to co-headline the Friday night of Britain's Isle of Wight Festival in June (17). They join previously-announced headliners Rod Stewart and Arcade Fire.

28th November 2016

Fact: Rod Stewart will close the 2017 Isle of Wight Festival in the U.K. with a headlining slot on 11 June (17). The Maggie May crooner joins previously-announced headliners Arcade Fire, who will play on the previous evening (10Jun17). The annual music festival runs from 8 to 11 June (17).

29th October 2015

Quote: "We fell out with each other... We didn't fall out, we just didn't communicate for a while, but in the last week we've been emailing back and forth everyday, it's extraordinary, I don't know why. We love each other again... I'd love to (tour with Elton John), but I think he gets worried because he's stationary, he's at the piano. He knows I can still jump about." Singer Rod Stewart would like to perform with his old friend Elton John.

14th October 2015

Quote: "It was so loose. I was thinking, 'If this is what it's like when we're all relatively sober what must it have been like when we were completely p**sed?" Rod Stewart was shocked by the lackadaisical musicianship when he reunited with his former band the Faces for a charity gig last month (Sep15).

13th October 2015

Quote: "I know him socially, have done for quite some time. No, we don't share hair-care tips, although he does admire mine." Rocker Rod Stewart is pals with controversial U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

12th October 2015

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart has been given permission to build a miniature five-a-side soccer pitch in the garden of his new British home. The singer famously has a full-sized soccer pitch in the grounds of his current mansion in Essex, England but will be downsizing it when he relocates to a nearby property.

2nd October 2015

Quote: "They're enjoying themselves and that's what counts, but I'm cringing sometimes." Rod Stewart has mixed feelings about his kids' new reality TV show Stewarts & Hamiltons. The rocker appeared in the pilot episode but has no plans to return to the programme.

23rd July 2015

Quote: "If I could go back and do it all over again, forget rock 'n' roll. These country guys are the hottest guys I've ever seen. Eric Church is so hot, Luke Bryan, Chris Young and now Blake Shelton." Rod Stewart's ex Alana Stewart has the hots for today's top country music stars.

16th July 2015

Quote: "It didn't last very long. It was all over in a split second. She was a big girl. She looked like she was in her thirties and that's what spurned the song Maggie May." Veteran rocker Rod Stewart was inspired to write his hit song MAGGIE MAY by the woman he lost his virginity to as a teenager.

15th July 2015

Fact: Rapper A$AP ROCKY made a brief appearance on THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN on Tuesday (14Jul15) for a segment titled Carpool Karaoke with unlikely collaborator Rod Stewart. The duo performed their song EVERYDAY, which samples the rocker's IN A BROKEN DREAM, while Stewart also belted out his hits DA YA THINK I'M SEXY, THE FIRST CUT IS THE DEEPEST and MAGGIE MAY while TV host Corden drove him around Los Angeles. Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson have also appeared in similar car-karaoke segments on the show.

21st May 2015

Quote: "I've wondered about being in the armed forces, away from your sweetheart and your family. That must be heartbreaking... That is what Another Country is all about." Rod Stewart reveals the title and theme of his 30th studio album, which will be released in October (15).

29th April 2015

Fact: A rare Lamborghini Miura which was once owned by Rod Stewart is up for sale on Internet auction site eBay. Less than 800 Miruas were built and Stewart picked up his in 1971. The classic sports car is expected to send bidding past $2 million (£1.3 million).

24th September 2014

Fact: Rod Stewart has been forcing New York commuters to do a double-take after taking a downtown subway train to work. Fans have posted photos of a man looking exactly like the British rocker riding the public transport on social media. One of the shots even features Stewart asleep next to a woman who clearly has no idea who he is.

13th August 2014

Quote: "I've already written seven or eight songs for the next album. One of them is about putting my three-year-old son to bed. There's loads to write about." Rod Stewart's daddy duties are inspiring new songs.

26th May 2014

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart paid a visit to the 911 Memorial reflecting pool in New York City on Sunday (25May14) ahead of America's Memorial Day on Monday (26May14).

24th December 2013

Fact: Soul legend Bobby Womack is set to collaborate with fellow musicians Snoop Dogg, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder on his next album. The new record, which has not yet been named, will be the star's 28th studio album.

4th September 2013

Quote: "It was great until Ozzy's band came along and they beat me by a year a few weeks later." Rod Stewart on his short-lived record of longest run between number one albums in the U.K. - his last release, Time, gave him his first chart-topper there in 37 years. The record was beaten weeks later by Black Sabbath.

2nd July 2013

Quote: "I hate the way men dress today - at the theatre it's all anoraks and shorts. You go to dinner and see beautifully dressed women with men like tramps wearing trainers (sneakers), jeans and T-shirts. If I was a woman I'd say, 'Are you taking me out looking like that, toerag?'" Singer Rod Stewart encourages men to take more pride in their appearances.

26th June 2013

Fact: Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster have been photographed dining at the same London restaurant table where Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi had a very public row earlier this month (Jun13). The singer and his partner were spotted laughing and enjoying each other's company at Scott's restaurant on Tuesday (25Jun13).

16th May 2013

Quote: "I work out four times a week, cycling, swimming and running because I want to save me (sic) joints... The benefits of exercising, the most important thing is mentally. It just makes you feel great. If I don't work out for six days, I go downhill, I get depressed... (For breakfast) I eat porridge and I have sardines on toast. It's the fish oils. Sardines are so good for you." Veteran rocker Rod Stewart has left his wild days behind him and adopted a healthy diet and lifestyle plan.

16th May 2013

Quote: "When you've got two small kids and you're both in bed and your son comes home through the door and says, 'Mum! dad...!', we've got to fit it in between the children... We go to Florida three or four times a year and that's probably when I get my leg over the most." Rod Stewart has had to ration sex so as not to shock his youngest kids.

10th May 2013

Quote: "I'm sure I'm gonna do it one day. It's something I do pretty well. There's a fine line between rock 'n' roll and country now anyway. If you look at You're in My Heart, one of my songs, it's very country." Rod Stewart on his plans to record a country album.

10th May 2013

Quote: "We did the Troubadour the other week. That was quite an experience, because I'd never played there, which was unbelievable. When I was with the Jeff Beck Group, we went straight to the Anaheim Convention Center... and when we came with the Faces, we went straight to the Forum and the Swing Auditorium up in San Bernardino. So we never played any of the small places here. I saw my daughter play the Troubadour about a year ago, and it was the first time I'd ever gone in there." Rod Stewart on playing Los Angeles' fabled Troubadour for the first time last month (Apr13).

10th May 2013

Quote: "I wish I could play there forever. Great seats, great acoustics, and they treat me like I'm Elvis." Rod Stewart loves performing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

10th May 2013

Quote: "I can't imagine they're gonna do anything after they've done this tour. So this is what we keep waiting for. It's either the Stones are doing a tour or I'm doing a tour, and no one can make a commitment, although we do want to do it." Rod Stewart admits his plans to stage a comeback with The Faces are beginning to take shape because it looks like bandmate Ronnie Wood's other group the Rolling Stones' current 50 & Counting tour will be their last.

7th May 2013

Quote: "It was earth-shattering. No one had ever left me, so I wasn't ready for it... We all get hurt one way or another by love, but it was a painful time." Rod Stewart on his split from second wife Rachel Hunter.

2nd May 2013

Quote: "No, haha. I tell Woody, I seen 'em once - in 1963 at Eel Pie Island (in London) - I don't have to see them again! I've got nothing but admiration for them - from a distance." Rod Stewart will not be watching his rock pals THE Rolling Stones' comeback concerts later this year (13).

19th April 2013

Fact: Crooner Tom Jones is set to perform at fabled Los Angeles venue the Troubadour next month (12May13). The Welsh star isn't the only Brit set to hit the stage at the legendary club - Rod Stewart is also booked to play one of his most intimate gigs in years there on 25 April (13).

3rd January 2013

Quote: "We're losing nine a week in the British Isles. Pubs will be non-existent in 20 years. It's very sad. Some of my happiest moments have been in pubs. Trousers round your ankles. Ah, can't beat it." Singer Rod Stewart laments the decline of Britain's traditional pubs.

1st November 2012

Fact: One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Girls Aloud and Rod Stewart are among the acts who will perform for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Performance on 19 November (12). Funnyman David Walliams will host the charity event at London's Royal Albert Hall.

25th October 2012

Quote: "People try and say I've had thousands of girls. I haven't. I've probably had 50 or 60." Rod Stewart insists reports of his dating prowess are overblown.

24th October 2012

Quote: "No more. I've put my cue back in the rack!" Rocker Rod Stewart rules out having any more children after welcoming his eighth kid, son Aiden, with third wife Penny Lancaster last year (11).

7th October 2012

Quote: "One night he sort of (tried to flirt), but we had a laugh about it in the back of a car. I said, 'Oh, shut up, Rod,' and he laughed, and that was it." Singer Kiki Dee reveals Rod Stewart tried to make a move on her in the 1970s.

15th June 2012

Fact: British pop star Gary Barlow has beaten fellow fathers Rod Stewart, Jay Z and Jack Osbourne to be named the U.K.'s Celebrity Dad of the Year (12). Sir Elton John was also nominated for the prize, sponsored by hotel chain Premier Inn. Australian singer Peter Andre claimed the title last year (11).

17th January 2012

Quote: "He's not all that fussed, as long as it's short. He'll tolerate elegant, flowing gowns which I love. But he's a leg man, always has been, always will be." Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster knows what her man likes when it comes to her dresses.

23rd August 2011

Quote: "My joy is indescribable." Rod Stewart on the birth of his first grandchild - daughter Kimberly gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday (21Aug11), a day after she celebrated her 32nd birthday. Actor Benicio Del Toro is the child's father.

21st May 2011

Quote: "I've never smoked and I keep myself fit. I've played football my whole life - I still play. I love exercise... (also) lots and lots of kids." Father-of-eight Rod Stewart on how he stays fit and healthy at 66.

7th April 2011

Fact: Rod Stewart is finally showing off his beloved Viper sports car seven years after his gardener was convicted of stealing it. The yellow motor has been under lock and key since it was nabbed by the green-fingered thief in 2004, but it will go on display to car enthusiasts on Friday (08Apr11), as part of the three-day Celebrity Super Cars exhibition in Chicago, Illinois.

31st March 2011

Quote: "I'd love to. (Her voice is) beautiful, it's wonderful pitch, it's soulful, it's got every quality." Rod Stewart is keen to sing a duet with fellow Scot Susan Boyle.

31st March 2011

Quote: "Of course I do, I don't like to hurt anybody. But I was a little spunky lad." Rod Stewart regrets cheating on his first wife, Alana Hamilton.

8th March 2011

Quote: "I wanted them to know at the same time, no favouritism. We all email each other a lot. They're great kids, I'm very proud of them." Rocker Rod Stewart decided to email his older kids to let them know about the birth of the most recent addition to the family, little Aiden, last month (Feb11). The tot is Stewart's eighth child.

4th February 2011

Quote: "They love Stevie. She's just ultra-cool. She has a cult." Rod Stewart's daughters Ruby and Kimberly encouraged the rocker to tour with Stevie Nicks.

13th December 2010

Quote: "I quite like them. I watch them occasionally. I agree with Elton (John), there is some tripe on there, but there's some tripe in the charts as well. I do feel that the amount of attention they get in the build-up to the shows and then once they're out of it - dumped - I think psychologically that can be very hurtful." Rod Stewart fears for contestants on TV singing competitions such as American Idol.

25th November 2010

Quote: "What have me and the Queen of England got in common? We've had the same haircut for 40 years." Rod Stewart jokes about his ageless look.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "I have been a bit of a s**ger in my time and it wasn't always blondes... I've been out with brunettes and redheads. The girl who inspired Maggie May was a redhead and (wife) Penny (Lancaster) when I met her was a honey blonde, she just got blonder." Rod Stewart insists he loves ladies of any hair colour.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "I've hardly ever had a one-night stand and I've never had sex with a groupie. I've been faithful to (wife) Penny (Lancaster) and I was faithful to (ex-wife) Rachel (Hunter)... I'd say I've always been enthusiastic about women but never indiscriminate. I'm more a quality than quantity man." Rod Stewart downplays his Lothario image.

1st November 2010

Quote: "It was tough for Penny when I first started dating her. The kids worry that everyone is a gold-digger, but Penny took it in her stride." Rod Stewart admits his children were wary of him dating his now-wife Penny Lancaster.

1st November 2010

Quote: "We didn't have a bathroom. I'd go up the road to my older sister's house to get a bath." Rod Stewart on his upbringing.

1st November 2010

Quote: "I burst into tears in this restaurant. She was crying, I was crying. It was very special." Rod Stewart was overwhelmed to learn wife Penny Lancaster was pregnant. The couple will welcome its new baby next year (11).

23rd October 2010

Quote: "In the old days we used to trash hotels, now they welcome me with big tables." Veteran singer Rod Stewart reminisces about being a reckless rock 'n roll star.

22nd October 2010

Fact: Veteran crooner Rod Stewart surprised two lucky fans on America's late night show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! on Thursday (21Oct10), when he ran into the studio audience and handed out a pair of free tickets to his Las Vegas concert next month (Nov10).

21st October 2010

Quote: "The bit I always enjoyed was getting the sperm in the bottle and getting in the Ferrari and taking it down the hospital. And also I had to give my wife injections in the bottom (butt) at six o'clock every night - oh I did enjoy that." Rod Stewart admits he found a positive side to undergoing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatments with his wife Penny Lancaster.

21st October 2010

Fact: Rod Stewart has already picked out a name for his unborn eighth child. The singer and his pregnant wife Penny Lancaster are planning to call the new arrival Aidan. The baby is due in February (10).

4th October 2010

Quote: "Penny and I have decided that, as long as I'm not on tour, then I'll have to do my nappy duties, which I don't mind. I did it with all the other kids so I'm cool with it." Rod Stewart is happy to pitch in as a dad.

4th October 2010

Quote: "
I had thyroid cancer 10 years ago. Had it diagnosed one day, the next I was in hospital and had an operation, the next day I was out and I'm fine now. I was extremely lucky. I did have an issue with my voice for a while. But the only really depressing thing is when people ask me if I feel I'm living on borrowed time." Rod Stewart.

3rd October 2010

Quote: "I tend not to put music on when making love because I need to concentrate. You'd think I'd have gotten it right by now, with seven children, wouldn't you?" Ageing rocker Rod Stewart prefers a quiet atmosphere in the bedroom.

15th September 2010

Quote: "I had no pain relief. This time I may well have some. There are no medals or trophies for doing it without." Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster is shying away from having another natural birth when she welcomes the pair's second child in March (11).

15th September 2010

Quote: "Straight away it was no alcohol, but if I said I wasn't drinking people would ask why and guess, so I'd ask for a glass of wine and sneakily pass it to Rod." Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster went to extreme lengths to keep her pregnancy news secret.

14th September 2010

Quote: "I always thought I'd have a huge party to make a point of my 40th but what could be more memorable than having a newborn child? I don't have anything planned but I'm proud to be turning 40 and I have everything I could ever wish for." Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster on expecting her second child shortly before her 40th birthday next year (11).

13th January 2010

Quote: "I don't blame him... Rod's voice is different now. Roger Daltrey's voice isn't the same. Same for Robert Plant. If you can't hit the notes, then it's time to think about another form of music." Jeff Beck understands why former bandmate Rod Stewart has turned his back on rock music to concentrate on recording soul classics and standards.

22nd December 2009

Quote: "I took him out on the pitch the other day. We were all dressed in our Celtic kit and he ran off. He said, 'Oh look, some flowers - I must pick them for mummy!' He loves his mum." Rod Stewart is struggling to get his four-year-old son Alastair to love soccer.

5th December 2009

Quote: "I would either go bald or call up Elton John and see what weaver he uses. His hair is stunning close up. It's quite a harvest." Rod Stewart pokes fun at his follically-challenged pal when asked what he'd do if he started to lose his famous hair.

11th November 2009

Quote: "I've met and sung for the royal family, but when I met Wilson Pickett... that was the greatest experience of my life." Rod Stewart on meeting his hero - late MUSTANG SALLY singer Pickett.

7th October 2009

Fact: New mum Jennifer Hudson uses LET IT BE ME, a song she has just recorded with Rod Stewart, to calm ber baby son down before a nap - the two-month-old tot loves the track.

9th July 2009

Fact: Rod Stewart's daughter KIMBERLY is set to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of long-running U.K. TV series Agatha Christie'S POIROT.

1st June 2009

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster donned her running shoes for a 10-mile (16-kilometre) charity walk on Saturday (30May09). The 38 year old paced the grounds of U.K. country house Blenheim Palace to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

30th May 2009

Fact: Ronnie Wood's model daughter LEAH named her baby daughter MAGGIE MAY after Rod Stewart's famous song - and because the little girl arrived in the spring month (May09).

27th May 2009

Quote: "If toys are round the floor or there are papers lying about, he'll pick up the toys and shuffle the papers to make them tidy. He does say, 'I bet Bruce Springsteen doesn't have to do this.'" Penny Lancaster gets help around the house from her rocker husband Rod Stewart.

11th March 2009

Fact: Michael Jackson is reportedly planning to rent rocker Rod Stewart's London home when he stays in the U.K. to perform his eagerly awaited series of live shows at the O2 Arena in July (09).

31st July 2008

Fact: Paris Hilton performed a version of Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'M SEXY during a gig promoting her shoe line at Las Vegas' Pure nightclub on Tuesday night (29Jul08).

28th July 2008

Fact: Latino comedian George Lopez once turned down $130,000 (GBP65,000) to open for Rod Stewart, because he had a golf game scheduled.

23rd July 2008

Quote: "(Last thing at night) Rod and I have a cuddle. It's a ritual we stick to religiously every night before we go to sleep. There has to be an embrace and then it's, 'Good night'." Rocker Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster love a cuddle before they go to bed at night.

24th March 2008

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart has turned his hand to designing lingerie. The MAGGIE MAY hitmaker is selling skimpy black underwear on his official website - all decorated with red hearts and the slogan, "Isn't It Romantic".

15th March 2008

Fact: Veteran rocker Rod Stewart was so thrilled with his and wife Penny Lancaster's new haircuts on Friday (14Mar08) at Steven Carey hairdressers in Mayfair, London, he tipped the stylist an extra GBP200 ($400).

11th March 2008

Quote: "When I hear a Rod Stewart song now, it just kind of goes over the top of me. But I always get a smirk on my face." Model Rachel Hunter is amused when she hears one of her ex-husband's songs.

29th February 2008

Fact: Veteran singer Rod Stewart will kick off his American tour at a state fair in Paso Robles, California on 30 July (08). Canadian rocker Bryan Adams will open the first seven dates of the 18-city tour which wraps in Tampa, Florida on 28 August (08).

18th February 2008

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart's daughter KIMBERLY has abandoned her failing fashion label Pinky Starfish to launch a new line, named Primp.

28th January 2008

Fact: Rod Stewart's model ex Rachel Hunter has signed up to be the new face of diet company Slim-Fast in America.

9th December 2007

Quote: "I'd like to wake up between the two of them. I wouldn't mind that start to the day at all." Rod Stewart's daughter KIMBERLY likes the idea of a threesome with Brad Pitt and ANGELINA JOLIE.

19th November 2007

Fact: Scottish singer Paolo Nutini got hold of a ticket for the Euro 2008 soccer qualifier between Scotland and Italy by calling his rocker pal Rod Stewart. He says, "I couldn't believe it. I told him I didn't have a ticket and jokingly asked if he had a spare, then he invited me along to Hampden (soccer ground) with him."

12th November 2007

Fact: Model PENNY LANCASTER STEWART was axed from hit British reality show STRICTLY COME DANCING on Sunday night (11Nov07), after failing to dazzle the TV audience and panel of judges with her sexy salsa. The departure of rocker Rod Stewart's wife from the programme leaves British model/actress Kelly Brook as favourite to win the show.

5th November 2007

Fact: Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter made sure she'll be front and centre at Justin Timberlake's concert in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday night (06Nov07) by asking for V.I.P. tickets as part of her appearance rider at the Melbourne Cup horse race. The show promoter also booked her to appear at the racing meet.

5th November 2007

Quote: "Our household used to be all about free kicks, passes and football. Now it's paso dobles and foxtrots." Singer Rod Stewart has swapped soccer for dancing since his wife Penny Lancaster's appearance on British TV show STRICTLY COME DANCING.

10th October 2007

Quote: "Do Ya Think I'M SEXY is a fun party record to dance to." Rocker Rod Stewart's daughter KIMBERLEY loves hearing her father's records on a night out.

26th September 2007

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart stunned passerbys in a Beverly Hills cafe recently - he was wearing his Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) medal over lunch.

17th September 2007

Fact: Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter launched her new swimsuit line, Lola, in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (15Sep07). She said, "It's something I've wanted to do for years."

17th September 2007

Quote: "There is always an insecure part of everybody's body and my butt would be mine." Rod Stewart's ex-wife Rachel Hunter isn't fond of her bottom.

24th July 2007

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart requested the Glasgow Celtic soccer team song, FIELDS OF ATHENRY, was played at his wedding to Penny Lancaster in Italy last month (Jun07).

18th June 2007

Fact: CALEIGH PETERS, the singer and TV host who became engaged to Rod Stewart's SEAN on Friday (15Jun07), is Barbra Streisand's goddaughter. During the Barbra Streisand: The Concert TV special in 1994, the diva sang a medley of Disney songs and dedicated it to Caleigh, who was four at the time.

18th June 2007

Quote: "I want the reputation of being a sexy bad boy! I'm kinda sexy. I'm the Tommy Lee meets David Beckham kind of sexy!" Rod Stewart's son SEAN on his sex-symbol aspirations.

3rd April 2007

Fact: Rod Stewart and Bryan Ferry are the latest acts confirmed to play the DIANA, Princess Of Wales memorial concert in London this summer (07).

25th January 2007

Fact: Scottish actor Ewan McGregor is hosting a Burns night supper in honour of the famed poet RABBIE BURNS in London tonight (25JAN07). Guests will include Sir Paul McCartney and his fashion designer daughter STELLA, Rod Stewart and his fiancee Penny Lancaster, and Hollywood actor Danny Glover.

27th November 2006

Quote: "I put far too much energy into football." Rod Stewart admits supporting his beloved Celtic soccer club can rob him of his life.

25th November 2006

Fact: Rod Stewart buried the placenta of his one-year-old son ALISTAIR under a walnut tree on his country estate in Britain.

23rd November 2006

Quote: "She's got the genuine talent. We're trying to put a band together for her, but she wants every member to look like Brad Pitt." Rod Stewart has high expectations for his talented teenage daughter RENEE.

23rd November 2006

Fact: Fun-loving Rod Stewart celebrated topping the US charts with his new album STILL THE SAME... GREAT ROCK CLASSICS OF OUR TIME by hiring a bagpipe band to invade a meeting among the heads of his J Records label.

22nd November 2006

Fact: Rocking Rod Stewart owes his health and youthful looks in part to his daily wine intake - he sups two glasses of red and one of white every day.

9th November 2006

Fact: Prince has been named a late addition to the list of 2006 inductees for the UK Music Hall of Fame. The pop superstar will join Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, James Brown, Brian Wilson, Led Zeppelin and DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, among others, on the honour role next Tuesday (14NOV06).

25th October 2006

Quote: "Do I change nappies? Oh yes Actually I have to beat people away from the nursery door: 'I'll do it, I'll do it!'" Rod Stewart has a hands-on approach to fatherhood with new baby ALASTAIR

21st October 2006

Quote: "It's not that huge, but I've never stuck anything down there to make it look bigger... It's a nice k**b. No one's complained so far." Rod Stewart is fond of his manhood.

18th October 2006

Quote: "She hates me. (She) hasn't got a good word to say about me... It was 25 years ago or whatever when we split up, and she still wants to put an axe through me." Rod Stewart reveals there's no love lost between him and his actress ex, BRITT EKLAND.

17th October 2006

Quote: "I can't even remember her face. I can remember the tent we were in, I remember the heat and I remember coming very quickly." Rod Stewart has a patchy memory when it comes to the former lover, who inspired his classic hit MAGGIE MAY.

17th October 2006

Quote: "My son SEAN wants to be Tommy Lee. I tell him, 'You're not earning his money, son.'" Rod Stewart attempts to keep his son Sean's feet on the ground.

15th October 2006

Quote: "What's my secret? Plenty of sex and plenty of wine." Rocker Rod Stewart reveals how to maintain a youthful complexion.

7th October 2006

Quote: "The thing is he's done it all off his own back. He hasn't asked me to make phone calls for him, so I'm very proud of him." Rod Stewart is pleased his son SEAN STEWART is finding his own way in the world with upcoming US TV show SONS OF HOLLYWOOD.

4th October 2006

Quote: "One day I'd love to say a lot more - because there is a lot more." New Zealand model Rachel Hunter promises fans she will reveal the secrets of her failed marriage to Rod Stewart in the future.

28th September 2006

Quote: "One more child and I'm going to have to close the office." Father-of-seven Rod Stewart confirms his next child will be his last.

22nd September 2006

Fact: Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster will co-present British TV network Channel 5's controversial BIRTH NIGHT on 8 October (06). The evening will feature women giving birth live.

21st September 2006

Quote: "Wasn't it great? Dad knew the truth of the situation and set the record straight. I was really proud and touched that he went up onstage and did that for me." Rod Stewart's model daughter KIMBERLY is pleased her father blasted British comedian RUSSELL BRAND at the GQ Man Of The Year Awards in London earlier this month (SEP06).

21st September 2006

Quote: "It's not that huge, but I've never stuck anything down there to make it look bigger. Honest. No one's complained so far." Veteran rocker Rod Stewart is proud of his penis size.

15th September 2006

Quote: "Never had a collection as such. It's like watching a guy cook a steak through a window when you're hungry isn't it?" Rod Stewart shares his views on pornography.

13th September 2006

Quote: "Footballers get stick for supposedly earning more money than they deserve. They don't earn anything near what I get." Rod Stewart boasts about his vast wealth.

11th September 2006

Fact: Led Zeppelin, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart and DUSTY SPRINGFIELD are among the acts who will be inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame at a star-studded ceremony in November (06).

9th August 2006

Fact: Rod Stewart's photographer wife-to-be Penny Lancaster has just shot music mogul Simon Cowell and his pooch for a new stars and pets 2007 calendar.

18th July 2006

Fact: Legendary rocker Rod Stewart spends $10,800 (GBP6,000) each year on haircuts.

23rd June 2006

Quote: "I just have to stifle my celebrations when England score because he has such a glum face." Penny Lancaster is unable to celebrate England's soccer World Cup goals in front of her Scotland-supporting fiance Rod Stewart.

14th June 2006

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster is launching a new charity calendar featuring celebrities and their pets. She says of the photography project, which includes Stewart, SIR Elton John and acid-tongued pop mogul Simon Cowell, "I hope the animals will behave better than their owners."

24th April 2006

Quote: "When the baby's head appeared it was covered in dark, sticky blood so it was hard to know which end was coming out. Rod said, 'What is that?!' He thought it looked like a lump of coal." Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster recalls the rocker's reaction to the birth of his seventh child Alastair Wallace in November (05).

20th April 2006

Fact: Over 27 million people tuned into Tuesday night's (18APR06) American Idol as Rod Stewart coached the finalists to croon standards like It Had to Be You and SOMEONE WHO'LL WATCH OVER ME. Rocking Rod thrilled the pop wannabes by bringing baby son ALASTAIR to a televised meet-and-greet session.

18th April 2006

Quote: "I change his nappy. The last one at night and the first one in the morning." Rod Stewart on his fathering skills regarding new baby Alastair Wallace.

3rd March 2006

Fact: Paris Hilton has recorded a cover of Rod Stewart's DO YA THINK I'M SEXY?. Stewart is the father of the socialite's best pal Kimberly Stewart.

9th January 2006

Fact: <p>Rod Stewart's baby son ALASTAIR has already had a taste of his dad's superstar life - the singer set up a nursery for his boy, complete with candlelight, backstage at a recent Earls Court, London, concert. </p>

9th January 2006

Fact: <p>Rod Stewart wasted no time in giving his new baby boy Alastair Wallace a taste of his Celtic roots - he sang Scottish soccer anthems to his son in the delivery room minutes after he was born in November (05). </p>

8th January 2006

Quote: <p>"I was in charge of the taps and sorting out the temperature. My father was a master plumber." Rocker Rod Stewart felt well qualified to oversee his fiancee Penny Lancaster's November (05) water birth, when she gave birth to the couple's first baby Alastair Wallace. </p>

25th October 2005

Quote: <p>"MICK's a good singer - but he's not as good as me." Rod Stewart passes judgment on THE Rolling Stones frontman SIR Mick Jagger. </p>

25th October 2005

Quote: <p>"She's superb... She's nearly as good as me." Rod Stewart is a big fan of Christina Aguilera. </p>

19th October 2005

Quote: <p>"Sometimes in the morning I look in the mirror and it looks disgusting. Gimme a couple of hours, I can get there." British rocker Rod Stewart admits he's not the most attractive sight first thing in the morning. </p>

7th October 2005

Quote: <p>"They've all been pretty good. None of them have been to prison. They've had their little drinking bouts, which they've all overcome. It's a difficult town for kids to grow up in." Rod Stewart blames Hollywood excess for his children's mistakes. </p>

7th October 2005

Quote: <p>"He's following my footsteps, ain't he - he got engaged up the Eiffel Tower." Rod Stewart thinks dad-to-be Tom Cruise is following his example by proposing to his girlfriend Katie Holmes at the landmark in Paris, France, before impregnating her. </p>

7th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I hate the way they all go to rehab; they're all proud of it. Let the music stand. Let the music do what it's supposed to do - don't tell us about your drug problems." Rod Stewart urges rock stars to keep their problems and rehab stints to themselves - and use the experience to write great songs. </p>

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