Roger Daltrey doesn't think any band could compare to The Who during their heyday.

The group's frontman is confident the British rockers had the best sound around in the 1970s and insists people only preferred bands such as Led Zeppelin because they were ''more commercial'' and ''easier'' to listen to.

He told NME magazine: ''I don't think there was any band to hold a candle to us, and that includes Zeppelin. You might like their music better because it's easier on the ear in a way; it's easier because it's a little bit more commercial.''

However, the 69-year-old singer admits the group - who were also made up of Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, who died of an overdose of prescription medicine in 1978, and John Entwhistle, who passed away in 2002 - were never going to win any prizes for their choice of hairstyles.

He added: ''The energy that used to come out in our stage show was terrifying. The only thing we can apologise for is the haircuts.''