Roger Daltrey is hoping the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin will play at his Teenage Cancer Trust shows.

The Who rocker organises a week of gigs at London's Royal Albert Hall to raise money for the charity every year, and the two legendary groups always top his wish-list and, although they haven't yet appeared, he insists they haven't ruled it out either.

Asked who he would love to perform at the shows, he said: ''I've tried to get the Stones for years. They've never given me a no. I asked again this year but they're in Australia.

''Imagine The Rolling Stones in the Royal Albert Hall, where they can be the Stones they were in 1963, a great British blues band, rather than tarty, farty and running around the stage.

''After that, Led Zeppelin with Jason Bonham. That's still not out the window.

''Pink Floyd of course. Then you get down to the U2s.''

Roger has recently been working on an album with Wilko Johnson - who has terminal cancer - and he admits he was terrified when they first entered the recording studio together.

He told Q magazine: ''We met at an awards ceremony three years ago and realised we'd both been inspired by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. That was the common thing.

''Wilko and I did try and get some new songs together but it all fell apart and I had to go and do Who tours.

''Then when I heard about Wilko's situation, I sent a message; 'Tell him I'll sing anything, 'Three Blind Mice', if I have to.' So we did some Feelgood songs.

''The first day in the studio I was a nervous wreck. When Pete [Townsend] gives me a song, I know what to do. With Wilko, I didn't want to copy Dr. Feelgood. I had to work out what I had to do.''