Roger Ebert funeral was held today in his native Illinois, with the great film critique laid to rest in front of family, friends and well wishes at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral. The only man to win a Pulitzer Prize for a film review died last week after a ten year long battle with cancer.

Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert was known for his 'thumbs up, thumbs down' rating

Ebert was remembered as a man who "had a heart big enough to love all," as remembered his wife Chaz Ebert, who led a moving tribute to her late husband, the Chicago Tribune reported. His step daughter remembered Ebert to the mourners, that including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as a man who was "transformative" and "a world-class human being."

Ebert became a household name during the 1970's and 80's as the presenter of At the Movies alongside Gene Siskel and remained a popular authority figure in the movie business even as his battle cancer and the numerous surgeries he underwent as a result of the unforgiving disease took away his ability to talk. From his TV work to his blogging and Twittering and long time partnership with the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert will scarcely be forgotten as the reaction to his death and it's aftermath has shown.

Roger Ebert
Roger was "transformative" and "a world-class human being."

In addition to his actual wake, a special memorial service is being held this Thursday (April 11) in the city that will include movies, music, tributes and excerpts of Ebert and Siskel's show. Roger leaves behind his wife of more than two decades and his step children and was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2002.