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Roger Moore Expresses 'Heartbreak' Over Stepdaughter's Death This Week

Roger Moore

James Bond veteran Sir Roger Moore is today mourning the tragic death of his stepdaughter Christina 'Flossie' Knudsen, who passed away this week at the age of just 47-year-old after suffering with cancer for a time. He shared the news on social media, describing how she died surrounded by her loved ones.

Roger MooreRoger Moore in mourning for daughter Flossie

The 88-year-old mega-star took to Twitter to reveal that his step-daughter succumbed to cancer at 10am yesterday morning (July 25th 2016), revealing that he is 'heartbroken' from the loss. Christina Knudsen, known to her friends and family as 'Flossie', is the daughter of Moore's fourth and current wife Kiki Tholstrup whom he married in 2002.

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Bond's Infamous Lotus Esprit Goes For Half A Million, Purchased By Unnamed Collector

Roger Moore

One avid James Bond fan has purchased a piece of the 007 legend in the form of Bond’s infamous white submersible Lotus Esprit that appeared in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me. The vehicle was sold at auction for more than £500 000, according to The Guardian. For you non-Brits out there, that’s almost $800 000 or in our humble estimates, far too much money for a car.

Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only Still
Moore made for one adventurous Bond.

But the Lotus isn’t without its history to back up the ridiculous price. After becoming one of the stars of the 007 movie, it was lost to history for a while. Until 1989 when the iconic vehicle was found in a storage storage container in New York, purchased for $ $100 (£64). Even adjusting for inflation, that’s quite a bit lower than the car’s current price.

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James Bond Lotus Submarine Car From ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ Up For Auction For The First Time Ever

James Bond Roger Moore

James Bond fans could be able to own a mouth-watering piece of Bond memorabilia as long as they aren't afraid to splash their cash.

The Lotus submarine car used in 'The Spy Who Loved Me' is going up for sale at a Battersea auction in South London for the first time ever and is expected to go under the hammer for £650,000 to £950,000.

The ex-Bond car was specifically used and designed for underwater scenes in the 1977 Bond movie starring Roger Moore as 007, and is said to be still a fully functional vehicle. Maybe it doesn't have the 'button' Moore pressed to replace its wheels with fins as he guided into the ocean, in typical nonchalant Bond-esque style - as propellers emerged from the rear and a periscope popped out of the roof to transform it into the Lotus submarine - but it can still drive.

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Sam Mendes Will Direct Daniel Craig In 24th James Bond Film

Sam Mendes Daniel Craig Barbara Broccoli John Logan Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore James Bond Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Director Sam Mendes will be directing the next James Bond movie. The film is due to be released in 2015. The Skyfall director will work with Daniel Craig, who will be reprising his role as the secret agent. The writer of the previous film, John Logan, will also return to write the next script.

Sam Mendes
Sam Mendes at the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Press Night, Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 

The dates for release have already been confirmed. UK cinema goers will be able to see the film two weeks earlier than their American counterparts. The UK release date is set for 23rd October 2015 and the US for 6th November.

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Will The Six Spies 'Bond' At The Oscars?

James Bond Sean Connery Daniel Craig Roger Moore Timothy Dalton GEORGE LAZENBY Pierce Brosnan Adele Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences IAN FLEMING

It's less than two weeks until the most prestigious movie awards ceremony - the Academy Awards -takes place on February 24th 2013 and rumours are flying around everywhere about alleged appearances. One of the biggest is, in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie 'Dr No', all six actors who have portrayed the British spy (from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig) will show up for one huge reunion on the Oscars stage. But just how likely is it happen?

Sean Connery has, according to the Daily Record, been invited to attend the so-called reunion, as sources reveal that they've 'not had a no from him'. 'Normally he is quick to turn things down', they said. 'Sean's relationship with the Oscars is good and we're hoping he'll appear.' The paper also went on to claim that Sean's 'issues' with the producers of James Bond may deter him from attending the event, although we've always thought of him as seeming rather proud of being the original 007 star so it would seem odd for him to refuse on that account. On the other hand, according to the Edinburgh Evening News, the Scottish actor didn't even know about the rumours, with his press agent claiming that no-one has yet asked him to get involved.

One who would be likely to attend is Sir Roger Moore; a man who was loved by so many that he played the role of Bond for 12 years, completing 7 movies between 1973 and 1985. He celebrated the 50th anniversary of the franchise last year by releasing his book 'Bond on Bond: The Ultimate Book On 50 Years Of Bond Movies' so it certainly seems like it's a part of his life he holds dear. He mentioned in an interview on the 'Today' show that it was like 'working with a family every 18 months' but regrets that he finished his book before he saw the latest 007 movie 'Skyfall'. 'I would write another chapter', he said. 'I think it is just the best Bond ever made.' However, as happy as he seems to be constantly associated with the fictional secret agent, he wasn't spotted at the 2013 BAFTAS on February 10th 2013 where 'Skyfall' won 'Best British Film'.

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Good Genes Or Good Ops: Which Male Celebrities Don't Show Their Age?

Anthony Kiedis David Beckham Tom Cruise Jim Carrey George Clooney Eddie Murphy Wayne Coyne Colin Firth Antonio Banderas Bono Kevin Spacey Prince Donny Osmond Tom Hanks Christoph Waltz Anthony Bourdain Bruce Willis Jeff Daniels Rowan Atkinson Chris Noth Denzel Washington Liam Neeson Jeff Goldblum Bruce Springsteen Lionel Richie Jeff Bridges Samuel L Jackson Jeremy Irons David Letterman Ted Danson Harrison Ford Amitabh Bachchan Morgan Freeman Dustin Hoffman Dick Van Dyke Roger Moore Rolling Stones

We've all had that moment; looking at photos of our favourite celebs and then jumping out of our seats screaming, 'He's HOW old?!' Well, we've been doing a lot of that here at ContactMusic. Some stars seem to have crept up the age ladder pretty sneakily, the odd wrinkle and grey hair barely registering on our radar, while others don't seem to have aged at all! English football player David Beckham was in his twenties when he rose to global popularity and, looking at his recent H&M underwear advert, it seems that his iconic hairstyles and tattoos are our only way of working out the old from the newer pictures of him. However, he is only 37 and has plenty of time to catch up yet. It's the over-50s that have really had our mouths agape in recent times as we've been scouring the net for the most youthful looking middle to old aged stars. 

Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey

(Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey)

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Daniel Craig Joins Johnny Depp As One Of World's Top Paid Actors

Daniel Craig Pierce Brosnan Roger Moore Sean Connery Timothy Dalton Idris Elba

Daniel Craig, 44, is officially the highest earning Bond actor of all time and has now risen to become one of the top paid actors in the world. Though there had been murmurings that Craig would leave his post as 007, the Lancashire born actor has now signed a £31 million contract to pay the international spy twice more.

The pay-rise was inevitable following the phenomenal success of Skyfall, Sam Mendes' new Bond movie that took £57 million in 12 days in the UK. Craig is expected to appear in the next movie as early as 2014, though it's unclear whether his pal Mendes will be back behind the camera. For his first appearance as Bond in Casino Royale, Craig was paid £1.9 million before getting £4.4 million for the follow-up Quantum of Solace. His salary more than doubled to £10.7 million for Skyfall, which was £3 million more than Pierce Brosnan got for The World Is Not Enough in 1999. In today's money, Roger Moore was paid an average of £6.3 million per movie, while Timothy Dalton got £5.4 million. Craig has been lauded by critics as the best Bond since Sean Connery - who was paid just £10,000 for Dr No - and possibly the best Bond ever. His salary for the next two movies puts him firmly amongst Hollywood's elite earners, such as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. It is thought the latter commands around $20 million per instalment of the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Yesterday, Craig paid a visit to Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, where he introduced a special screening of Skyfall to 800 British servicemen and women.

The new deal could scupper Idris Elba's chances of landing the Bond role. Though he's met with producers regarding becoming 007, he would be 46-years-old in 2018, the likely year of the first post-Daniel Craig Bond. 

Video - Sir Roger Moore Meets Young Bond Fan At 'Bond On Bond' Book Signing

Former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore enjoys a photo session at Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York City where he arrives to sign copies of his new book 'Bond On Bond'. When he settles down to meet and greet fans, we see him talking to and shaking hands with a young boy clutching a copy of the book accompanied by his father.

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Imagining James Bond Without Daniel Craig: Who Were The Other 007 Contenders?

After seeing Skyfall this week, Roger Moore described Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes' new James Bond film as "without a doubt... the best Bond there's ever been." The film's crew is seemingly made up entirely of Oscar winners and critical reaction has suggested that Skyfall could be the first 007 movie to win big at the Academy Awards.

Though there were murmurings of discontent when British star Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in the secret agent franchise, he's since become a revelation, with many considering him to be the finest Bond yet. His turn in Casino Royale had far more depth than anything Brosnan (or Dalton for that matter) had delivered, leaving Bond geeks squabbling between just three actors as to who was the best Bond ever: Moore, Connery or Craig? Though Quantum of Solace failed to reach the heady critical heights of its predecessor, early reaction suggests Skyfall betters Casino Royale and possibly anything before it. But it all could have been very different, couldn't it? Cast your mind back to 2005, when the protracted process of choosing the new James Bond was reaching its final stages. With Ralph Fiennes unable to commit to the filming schedule of Casino Royale, and Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana and Heath Ledger discounted, producers chose to go ahead and run screen tests on the four 'finalists'. (They had lost the chance of landing Clive Owen after refusing to include gross profit points in his contract) The contenders were Layer Cake star Daniel Craig, ER actor Goran Visnjic, Australian actor Sam Worthington and 22-year-old Henry Cavill, reported Variety. All were relatively inexperienced, though producers were keen for someone considerably younger than the 52-year-old Pierce Brosnan. In fact, writer Paul Haggis told the Hollywood Reporter at the time, "We're trying to reinvent Bond. He's 28 - no Q, no gadgets."

Sam Worthington 'Wrath Of The Titans' UK film premiere

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Everything Or Nothing Review

Very Good

Assembled in the style of a Bond film, this lively doc is an entertaining race through 50 years of the 007 franchise. The fast-paced narrative skips over a few things here and there, but focusses nicely on the relationships that have sustained the films over the decades even when it looked like it was about to fall apart.

James Bond was created as a bit of wish-fulfilment for author Ian Fleming, a reaction to his desk-bound job in intelligence during WWII. After the Cold War sparked interest in the novels, the film rights were sold to producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. To make the first movie, 1962's Dr No, they broke every rule in the book, casting an unknown Scottish actor as Bond and redesigning the look and feel of spy movies from the ground up. Of course, it was a sensation, sparking the longest-running movie franchise of all time. Although it certainly hasn't been a smooth ride.

The central focus here is on the bromance between Cubby and Harry, which has lingered into the next generation. Today, Barbara Broccoli and her stepbrother Michael Wilson keep the films current, relevant and faithful to Fleming's original creation, which is a tricky balancing act. In this documentary, we get lucid first-hand accounts of the crises that nearly sank the franchise, including the panic of Connery's decision to leave the role, the legal wranglings around Thunderball (and its unofficial remake Never Say Never Again) and Brosnan's first false start as Bond. And then there were the world-changing events of 9/11, which spurred the producers to completely reinvent Bond as a grittier, more emotionally resonant figure.

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Fancy Owning James Bond's Aston Martin? Your's For £150,000!

Roger Moore Jane Seymour Christopher Lee

Christie’s auction house in London is selling 50 special items of James Bond memorabilia. The historical sale will take place next Friday (October 5, 2012), to mark the 50th anniversary of the release of Dr. No. The 007 auction will benefit a number of different charities, including UNICEF, which already has links to the 007 via its involvement with the former Bond star Roger Moore.

According to The Telegraph, 40 of the items will be on sale between September 28 and October 8. 10 of the most impressive items will then be sold in a live auction on October 5, which is Global James Bond Day. One of the special items of memorabilia to go on sale is a one-third scale model of the actual Aston Martin used in the latest Bond movie Skyfall, which is scheduled for release in October. It is reported that the model is expected to fetch between £30,000 and £40,000. More impressively, an Aston Martin built in 2008 and used in Quantum of Solace’s opening sequences, is expected to bring in between £100,000 and £150,000.

A number of smaller items will be on sale, for Bond fanatics whose purse strings perhaps won’t stretch that far. The tarot cards used by Jane Seymour’s character Solitaire in Live and Let Die will be on sale, as will the golden bullet belt buckle that formed part of Christopher Lee’s costume when he played Scaramanga in The Man With the Golden Gun. Memorabilia from all 23 James Bond movies will be included in the sale.

Roger Moore Ended His Third Marriage Over The Phone

Roger Moore Daniel Craig James Bond

James Bond star Roger Moore, has shown himself to be nothing like his on-screen counterpart by being a coward. While appearing on Piers Morgan's ITV1 chat show, Moore explained how he had ended his third marriage over the phone, confessing: "Did I say I was a nice person? I'm a coward." The 84-year-old has also revealed that some of his relationships have had a degree of overlap, and is now married to his third wife. 

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According to Moore, he ended his marriage with actress Luisa Mattioli over the telephone, despite it being a cowardly way to explain his change of heart to her in 1993. When he first met her, Moore was married to his second wife Dorothy Squires whom he left in 1961 - eight years before their divorce. "It was very selfish (to fall in love with Luisa)," Moore decided. "I was selfish, putting my feelings ahead of other people's." His new wife, Kristina Tholstrup is a Danish-Swedish multi-millionaire, and he describes the marriage as "wonderfully tranquil relationship." 

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The Cannonball Run Review

One weekday morning in 1982, several boys in my fourth grade class, including yours truly, suddenly fell ill and needed to go home from school. Teachers feared an epidemic, and they were right. We had The Cannonball Run fever, and the only cure was not missing its debut on pay cable.

The next day in recess, freshly recovered from our afflictions, we traded reviews, and they were unanimous raves. We all thought the movie was hilarious and kick-ass, and for tween-to-teen boys, it really hit on all cylinders - fast cars racing, dick jokes, fast cars jumping, PG-level sex, fast cars exploding, xenophobic humor, and a big fistfight. This movie had it all.

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Boat Trip Review


Driven entirely by tedious clichés, vulgar stereotypes, tawdry and low-brow raunch-as-comedy gags, and the degrading, almost minstrel-show antics of a mugging, rubber-faced Cuba Gooding Jr., "Boat Trip" is a gay-themed movie aimed squarely and exclusively at stupid straight people.

The contrived mix-up plot finds Gooding and John Belushi-wannabe Horatio Sanz ("Saturday Night Live") trapped onboard a cruise ship full of gay men for a weeklong voyage, and writer-director Mort Nathan (who scripted the Farrelly Brothers' "Kingpin") finds endless excuses for them to act cartoonishly homosexual in order to score with the few women on board.

Gooding has fallen for the ship's dance instructor (Roselyn Sanchez) -- a steamy Latina who walks around in see-through linen tops and three pounds of eye shadow while professing "I don't care about makeup, I don't care about what I'm wearing." Meanwhile fat, ugly, loutish Sanz has the hots for a brain-dead bimbo (Playboy Playmate Victoria Silvstedt) from the "Swedish suntanning team" who was rescued from a shipwreck along with a dozen other swimsuit models. Inexplicably, she has the hots for him too -- not because there's anything attractive about him whatsoever, but because the director is transparently more interested in any excuse for bug-eyed boob shots than he is in anything remotely resembling story or humor.

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Driven entirely by tedious clichés, vulgar stereotypes, tawdry and low-brow raunch-as-comedy gags, and the degrading,...