Roger Taylor has revealed Brian May "suddenly lost interest" in writing a new Queen song.

The two members of the iconic rock band - which also featured John Deacon and the late Freddie Mercury - had started working on a new track with frontman Adam Lambert after spending years on tour with the former 'American Idol' star, but guitarist May doesn't seem to be as keen.

Roger told Mojo magazine: "Well, Brian suddenly lost interest and I don't really know why. We started it in Nashville when we were all quite tired.

"We couldn't decide on a title and the lyric felt a little too negative for Queen, maybe.

"But it was pretty damn good, and I hope it comes to light."

The 72-year-old drummer also played down the idea of him and Brian reconnecting with their former bassist Deacon, who has kept out of the public eye for the past three decades.

He added: "It's a lovely fairy tale, but to be honest I don't think so. John's like a hermit, really.

"I don't think he's quite equipped for that - he's really fragile. He can't deal with company or the outside world, so far as I know.

"I guess he just sits there counting his money."

Meanwhile, Roger's son Rufus is now drummer for The Darkness, and he's given his boy some advice as he continues his early career with the 'I Believe In A Thing Called Love' rockers.

He said: "I told him to write songs, not just play drums, because he's a natural on piano. On drums he's carily powerful.

"I absolutely love The Darkness, but their over-developed sense of humour might be their downfall. [laughs]"