Roger Taylor has said Sacha Baron Cohen would’ve been sh**t as Freddie Mercury in the biopic based on him.

The 72-year-old Queen drummer blasted the idea that comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen, 50, could have taken on the role of his iconic bandmate in the 2018 film 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

He said: "I think he would have been utter s**t. Sacha is pushy, if nothing else. He’s also six inches too tall. But I watched his last five films and came to the conclusion he’s not a very good actor."

When the biographical film project was first announced in 2010, the 'Borat' star was set to take on the lead role, but pulled out of the project in summer 2013, claiming that claiming that Taylor and guitarist Brian May “wanted to protect their legacy as a band” rather than explore Freddie's private life.

Roger went on to give a more reasoned answer but ultimately concluded that Rami Malek, 40 - who went on to win the Academy Award for his role as the legendary singer - did a "brilliant job" in the "impossible role".

Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine, he added: "I might be wrong there. I thought he was an utterly brilliant subversive comedian, that’s what he’s great at. Anyway, I think Rami did a brilliant job in an almost impossible role."

The eventual movie - which charts the ups and downs of the iconic rock band as well as Freddie's personal struggles with his sexuality and AIDS - went on to become a success, winning four Oscars and two Golden Globes - although some critics complained of the use of dramatic licence rather than sticking to exact facts.

To that, Roger responded: "It's a f****** film. It's not claiming to be a documentary!"