Review of Emotion Control Single by Rogers Sisters

The Rogers Sisters
Emotion Control
Single Review

Rogers Sisters Emotion Control Single

'Hello trades descriptions? Yeah right, well this here Rogers Sisters single's got a bloke singing on it, surely that's wrong?' 'Hi, is that missing persons? Yeah, is there anyone missing under the name Alex Kapranos? Yep that one. I'm sure he's singing in The Rogers Sisters.'... 'Yeah you're right it's not a girl.'... 'He's not missing? Okay ta.'... 'I should ring trades description though? I have done, they told me just to shut up and get dancing.'...'Why? Cos this song is fantastic that's why! Comes on like a right hot-pop stonker, like Ladytron if they stopped being like Kraftwerk and went a bit funk.'...' Yeah and if they got Alex Kapranos to sing, alright smart arse.'

John McGee

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