Singer Roisin Murphy is refusing to rule out a Moloko reunion, despite the heartbreak she suffered when her romance with bandmate MARK BRYDON ended. The Overpowered star and Brydon started dating before forming Moloko, but, by 2003, they had split and she was forced to undertake promotional duties alone, which made her feel terrible. Murphy admits she was an emotional wreck at the time, because she missed spending her days with her ex-boyfriend. However, the couple are still on friendly terms - and Murphy sees no reason why they couldn't make music as Moloko again in the future. She tells WENN, "I would never say never. I know myself if I said, 'No, I'll never do that again,' five, 10 years down the line I'll end up f**king doing it and you'll come back and say, 'Ahhh - you said you'd never do it,' so I'm not going to say I'll never do it." When asked if she missed her bandmates after Moloko split, she replies, "I did to begin with. I kinda missed them more after I broke up with Mark and was still in love. I missed having someone with me when we were doing interviews and the promo and all that kinda stuff. "To be fair, he did try to do the promo but it just didn't make sense - we were too miserable together at that point. "But I miss Mark Brydon, he's a top geezer."