Roisin Murphy thinks she'll be at her ''most cool'' when she's 55.

The 46-year-old Moloko singer has never forgotten the ''most stylish'' woman she ever saw and has always aspired to be fashionable into middle aged, just like the lady in the designer suit.

She said: ''I've always thought I'll be my most cool at 55. During Moloko's first tour, I saw the most stylish woman in a first-class airport lounge in Berlin wearing a Jil Sander skirt suit.

''She had short hair and was in her mid-fifties. I'll never forget her.''

The 'Time is Now' hitmaker believes the key to staying stylish is to ''change and challenge''.

She said: ''At the moment I'm into 1980s British wrestling outfits. If style is going to have any future, it has to be about change and challenge so I'm always pushing it.''

Roisin has never been interested in fitting in with others when it comes to her sartorial choices.

She said: ''Rolling up my skirt was the only thing I had in common with the girls at school. I went to a Sonic Youth gig at 14 and it changed my life.

''I never tried to fit in with anyone at school again because it was such a joy carving my own identity.

''I wore leopard-print fur, plastic PVC caps and red lounge suits but as I got older and started clubbing, my style changed to sportswear.''

And even before she was a teenager, the 'Sing It Back' hitmaker sought out unique looks.

She added to ELLE magazine: ''Aged 11, I wore velvet knickerbockers with a frilly New Romantics shirt to non-uniform day at school and the teachers made a big fuss. That same week, I'd cut my long blonde hair into a pageboy bob and my father was so devastated he sobbed.''