After initial allegations during the first stage of Operation Yewtree in March, Rolf Harris has reportedly been arrested again this week. According to the BBC, the exact allegations haven’t been announced as of yet, with the Metropolitan Police stating only that an 83-year-old had been "further arrested in connection with further allegations", and re-bailed until later in August.

Rolf Harris, ITV Studios
The musician and TV personality has been arrested for the second time.

Harris has not been named directly in connection to Operation Yewtree, with the Met Police referring to Yewtree 5 instead. It is unclear whether Harris’ arrest had anything to do with the Saville investigation directly, as Operation Yewtree, which was started after the presenter’s death in 2011, has three branches. One deals directly with accusations against Saville himself, which have surfaced since 2011, the second handles connections of other people to the Saville case and the third is focused on claims of sexual harassment and abuse, completely separate from the Saville case.

Rolf Harris, ITV Studios
He has been re-bailed until August.

This new arrest comes after Harris, a staple of British television for more than 40 years, was arrested in March and then bailed without being charged with anything. In May, he made his first public appearance following the arrest, at a live show in Bristol. Back then, he thanked fans for their support and received cheers from the crowd. Whether this new arrest will affect the CBE’s public image in any way, remains to be seen.

Rolf Harris, British Academy Of Television Arts Awards
Harris has been re-bailed until August.