The latest news from the Rolf Harris trial is probably the most disconcerting yet. A woman from Darwin, Australia, told Southwark Crown Court she had been "repulsed" when Harris gave her a "gentle hug" and then kissed her. The girl was 11 or 12 years old at the time it allegedly happened, in 1969, reports BBC News.

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris Arriving at Southwark Crown Court

The woman is a prosecution witness but her allegation does not form part of the charges against Mr Harris, who denies 12 counts of indecent assault. He is accused of assaults on four girls in the UK between 1968 and 1986, when they were aged between seven or eight, and 19.

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Giving evidence, the woman said the childhood incident took place when she was staying with family friends because she was off school ill. She came downstairs from her sick bed to find Mr Harris polishing a piece of wood under the house. The woman told the court she was asked her age, to which Harris allegedly replied, "he said 'good, I want to be the first one to introduce you to a tongue kiss'".

After the alleged abuse, the entertainer "just stopped and then he just went and said 'have a look at what I've been doing'"

Another prosecution witness told the court Mr Harris groped her as they danced at a party in 1970. 

"He was a celebrity from television. I was quite honoured to see him coming through the door," she told the court.

She said he was "very friendly and very relaxed", and "being stupid" as he posed for photographs. However, she said that when she agreed to Mr Harris's offer to dance "in a flash, in a moment... I saw the dark side of a man who I thought could be trusted."

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris With His Family At Southwark Crown Court