Prosecutor Sasha Wass QC has described Rolf Harris as a “Jekyll and Hyde” character to portray the alleged abuse for which he is currently a defendant in a high profile trial. She suggests Harris's alleged victims were overawed, saying: "Mr Harris was too famous, too powerful and his reputation made him untouchable," according to multiple sources, including Herald Scotland

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris is facing 12 charges of indecent assault

Harris’ case spans 25 years from the late 1960s and covers 10 complainants, none of whom can be named for legal reasons. Harris faces charges in connection with only four of these, with the remainder of the alleged offences taking place outside the UK before 1997, the date before they could be prosecuted in a British court.

"The prosecution does not, for a minute, suggest there is not a good, talented and kind side to Mr Harris. But, concealed behind this charming and amicable children's entertainer, lay a man who exploited the very children who were drawn to him.

"There is a Jekyll and Hyde nature to Rolf Harris and this dark side of Rolf Harris was obviously not apparent to all of the other people he met during the course of his work, and it was not apparent to those who may want to testify to his good character."

The prosecutor said it was "a side of him which is sexually attracted to children and under-age girls" and "a side which gave him the confidence to molest girls knowing they could not object and, even if they did, nobody would believe them".

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Wass focussed on Harris’ huge public profile, and indicated that the fear of being caught was part of the thrill for him. “The chances of so many people making up similar false allegations are just ludicrous," she told jurors. "It may be that that was part of the excitement, knowing that he could do that and get away with it."

It is alleged the girl's parents trusted Harris, so did not suspect him. "Rolf Harris was a pillar of society, a well-respected man and somebody who was well-known for being fond of children," Ms Wass added.