Rolf Harris, the entertainer on trial for indecent assault, allegedly told the brother one of his apparent victims "It takes two to tango" when confronted. The man told a jury at Southwark Crown Court that he called Harris, 84, on the telephone after his sister confided in him.

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris Arrives at Southwark Crown Court

"When I phoned I was angry," he said. "I asked him not to contact my sister again and I threatened physical violence.

"I said, "You've been abusing my sister." He said: "It takes two to tango." The conversation didn't go on much after that."

He said he was told about the abuse when his sister turned up drunk to Sunday lunch with their parents in the 1990's.

"She arrived, she was intoxicated," he told the court. "It was obvious that she had been drinking heavily before she arrived, basically was being a pain. I had seen it before and I found it difficult to communicate with her."

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He said he took her aside and asked why she was drinking so much when she had been so easy-going as a child.

"I basically said, "Why are you behaving like this? What has changed?" And that is when she confessed that she had been sexually abused."

"I was angry, I felt guilty - I suppose because I was unaware. Apart from the deterioration in her condition, I didn't understand why she was behaving like that and why she was doing that to herself."

Rolf HarrisRolf Harris Arrives With His Family At Southwark Crown Court

The girl's mother was also giving evidence in court and said Rolf would occasionally come round and ask where her daughter was, before heading upstairs.

"I remember it once certainly. It was a morning visit, it was just Rolf on his own. He just said "Where's my daughter?" and I said upstairs.' I trusted him. You just don't expect those sort of things."

Yesterday, it emerged that Harris had sent his alleged victim a joke greeting card saying, "When it comes to having sex, if at first you don't succeed, beg."

He also sent an eight-page note to the girl's father in which he begged for forgiveness for 'harming her'.

Rolf Harris denies 12 charges of indecent assault.

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