Review of Return Of The Big Money Sound Album by Roll Deep

Review of Roll Deep's album 'Return Of The Big Money Sound'

Roll Deep Return Of The Big Money Sound Album

Roll Deep are back with a new album 'Return Of The Big Money Sound'. 18 months later there's no question grime is a more well known sound with Roll Deep member Wiley gaining commercial success as well as former member Dizee Rascal also making headway. Grime is original urban street music from the UK that has a serious heavy bass sound. No one does better than Roll Deep.

There's no denying Roll Deep are the masters of this sound. They pretty much created grime and have the sound firmly locked in their stable. Writing, producing and releasing the album on their label Roll Deep Recordings this is a total parallel to the Wu Tang Clan as the UK version. What's most important is that 'Return Of The Big Money Sound' is class! There's some proper bangers in the grime fashion like 'Give Up' and 'Club 7' but there's lots of creativity here with a slow number with 'Drinks', some London style with 'Movin In Circles' and a boss tune with 'Thunder and Lightnin'.

'Return Of The Big Money Sound' is certainly representing UK grime in true royal fashion. There are paving the way for this sound around the world and display genuine creativity and originality. We should definitely be proud to have this crew in the UK stable. If you're not familiar to this sound this would be a great place to start. Cool!

Tareck Ghoneim

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