With a stage set inside the bands trademark open-lips logo, The Rolling Stones put on an impressive display at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Centre on Saturday night (December 8, 2012). The band may have 50 years of writing and performing under their belts but their stamina (especially that of their lively frontman Mick Jagger) seems not to have abated.

Writing for New York Times, Ben Ratliff’s humorous description of Jagger’s onstage movements perfectly sum up that unique stage presence that he has: “during the show’s two and a quarter hours, he never stopped,” writes Ratliff. “In running shoes and stretchy black clothes he bounced on his toes with knees slightly bent and swinging independently of each other, like a woman in high heels trying to walk in more than one direction.”

Once more, the band was joined onstage by Mary J Blige, who performed ‘Gimme Shelter’ with them and the performance itself was preceded by a montage of clips from various celebrities and musicians expressing their adulation for the Stones. One choice comment came from the garage rock legend Iggy Pop, who said that hearing Keith Richards play guitar back in the late 1960s “felt like being hit with a dead mackerel.” The Barclays Centre was part of the band’s ’50 And Counting’ tour, a celebration of their 50 years of existence. Next, the band will perform at the Prudential Centre in Newark.