Prince had cabbages thrown at him onstage when he supported The Rolling Stones.

The 'I would Die 4 U' singer was taken on the road by the legendary rockers toward the start of his career in 1981, and their fans were so confused by his flamboyant stage antics that they threw vegetables at him.

The band's rhythm guitarist, Ronnie Wood said on his Absolute Radio show: "I remember Charlie Watts was the first man to turn me on to Prince, he said 'Have you seen this guy, he's got potential'.

"Even though he was dressed slightly wrong at the time I thought - he had a rain mac and stockings and suspenders on at the time - and the audience didn't really know how to take him so he had a few cabbages thrown at him on the early Stones tours that we took him on, but now he's come on and he is such a great performer."

Ronnie has also had the pleasure of jamming with the reclusive star at a few of his famous after show parties, which are famous for him playing stripped back sets, and playing freestyle for a handful of fans.

Ronnie added: "I've had the pleasure of playing with him at some of the after-show gigs that he does, normally does three in one night when he gets going, and his band is really cool.

"I saw him Los Angeles when he did three shows in one night, and I followed him from the first club gig to the main gig, and then he went off into the night and played somewhere else. I was pining to know where this last gig was so I could go and join him, but I usually have to wait until he comes to London to do that."

He added that the 'Purple Rain' musician is a top guy, and fun to play with.

Ronnie said: " Prince is always quiet and quite a reserved guy. Once you plough through his security team and get through to him he is quite a genial guy and very soft-spoken, but very talented.

"As I say, his band are really full of fun and always welcoming."

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