The Rolling Stones’ new single, ‘Doom and Gloom,’ one of two new songs on their forthcoming greatest hits compilation, Grrr!, due on November 12, is out, and we’ve had a listen.

The first thing to say is: well done to the guys for not producing and releasing a dubstep or electronica sound in a desperate and laughable attempt to glean a youthful audience. This is, intrinsically and quintessentially a Rolling Stones song, and for that; for managing to capture the raw, seemingly ephemeral sound that brought them a life of true rock and roll notoriety, we doff our entertainment caps at the ageing rockers. ‘Doom and Gloom’ is, at its core, a blues track with all the energy of a new born colt. Keith Richards and Ron Wood create a dirty rhythm upon which Jagger rasps his unclean vocals, and this all sways precipitously over a bespoke Charlie Watts beat.

"I had a dream last night that I was piloting a plane/And all the passengers were drunk and insane,” rasps Jagger - elongating every lyric he can get away with. In fact, the singing on the track is probably the least impressive thing about it, but when the mercurial frontman gives the mic a break, a harmonica solo ensues, and it works. It would be easy to reject anything new from such a legendary rock outfit. We could say it’s nothing original, and that they’ve past their best. And whilst they probably have, as long as they’re making decent songs, they might as well have fun whist it lasts.