The Rolling Stones have been in the news a whole lot more than we’re used to recently around their 50th anniversary tour.

But, if you were afraid that this was only a temporary blip before another long hiatus, don’t fret. Apparently, The Stones will keep performing for a long time to come, at least if Ronnie Wood is to be believed.

It may be his recent marriage to 34-year-old Sally Humphreys that’s given him this newfound lust for life, but Wood sounds more determined than ever to rock out for as long as he possibly can. “I think of Howlin’ Wolf plugging in to his kidney machine, however old he was, 80 or something, and still playing,” says Wood for The Telegraph, “You just rock till you drop.” Well, that didn’t exactly rhyme, but it is an admirable sentiment none the less.

Whether this is just idle talk from Wood or actual foreshadowing, we won’t know for a while, since the band is just coming out of their 50th anniversary tour. But for rock giants like The Stones, we’re sure that there’ll be people willing to listen even long after they “drop”. Although, we’re sure you’d agree that no one would mind a full length album or at least an EP of new songs at some point in the future. No pressure or anything.