Rolling Stones at Glastonbury

Rip This Joint! Despite what many of the critics had anticipated, The Rolling Stones made their debut at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday with a blistering set that scored five-star reviews across the board. Mick Jagger put the current crop of rock frontmen to shame with an energetic and high-octane performance - now that's how you do it. Read more about The Rolling Stones Glastonbury performance.

Hound Dog! Are Riley Kough and Robert Pattinson a thing? According to reports in Tinsel Town, the Twilight actor has stated dating the granddaughter of a certain Mr Elvis Presley. The dirty dog. Read on to find out more about the unlikely coupling.

Kriss-tal Clear: Kriss Kross rapper Chris Kelly died of an overdose of drugs, a toxicology report has found. The young star, who supported Michael Jackson on his Dangerous tour in 1992, had taken a concoction of drugs when he OD'd on May 1, 2013. For more detail on how Chris Kelly died read on.

Alec Baldwin and Wife

Twitter Wars! Alec Baldwin was probably thinking of taking up some of Tony Soprano's techniques after the funeral of James Gandolfini in New York City last week. A Daily Mail journalist had accused Baldwin's wife Hilaria Thomas of tweeting throughout the ceremony - and all hell broke loose. Find out more about the explosive accusation.

Tragedy: Our thoughts this week are with former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, who tragically lost his daughter Charlotte to ovarian cancer. The 42-year-old married artist Alex Smith just two weeks before she passed away. Read the full Pierce Brosnan's daughter weds in secret before death article.

Oh So Lonely: Why isn't everyone talking about The Lone Ranger? Gore Verbinski directs, Johnny Depp stars, and it visually it looks pretty impressive. However, the critics have given it a rough ride and Despicable Me 2 looks likely to clean up at the box-office this weekend. Watch the Lone Ranger trailer and read more detail.

Christian Bale

Christian Bails On Batman: Christian Bale will not star in the Justice League movie, repeat, Christian Bale will NOT star in the Justice League movie. It looks as though the actor is handing the Batman baton onto somebody else for the all-star comic book hero flick. Find out more as Bale hangs up his cape.

The Holy Grail: You'd be forgiven for missing the build-up to Jay-Z's new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. It seems his buddy Kanye West has stolen the spotlight with 'Yeezus,' but Jay is back and Samsung users were the first to hear the new record this week. Find out how Jay got to use Nirvarna's 'Teen Spirit' lyrics.

WILL-Power:  Was it just us, or was James Gandolfini's estate more valuable than you'd expected? Sure the guy was Tony Soprano, though his $70 million fortune raised eyebrows at Contact Music towers this week. Anyway, being the generous guy he was, he had dished out the huge figure between family, friends and staff. Apparently James' will shows the true extent of his generosity.

Video of the Week:  This week's hottest footage comes from the world premiere of The Lone Ranger, where Johnny Depp was on-hand to praise producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski. Check it out, he has short hair too!