The Rolling Stones are reportedly planning to drop Ronnie Wood from a possible 2010 tour unless the musician can fully kick his alcohol addiction.
The legendary band is rumoured to be plotting a series of concerts next year (10), but the plans have reportedly been marred by Wood's recent personal problems.
The rocker walked out on his wife of 23 years, Jo, last year (08) after his affair with 21-year-old Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova was exposed in the press.
The former couple recently divorced and Wood's relationship with Ivanova ended this month (Dec09) following a public bust-up which saw the musician arrested on suspicion of assaulting his lover.
Ivanova has since accused Wood of letting his drink problem spiral out of control, and British newspaper the Daily Mail is now reporting that the star's bandmates are also concerned about his boozing.
The publication claims Wood could now be left out of a possible Rolling Stones tour if they are unable to secure insurance for the star, because it was his ex-wife who always managed to keep him healthy for their previous shows.
A source tells the newspaper, "Mick (Jagger, frontman) has always relied on Jo to be his conduit through to Ronnie - he has relied on her to get Ronnie to work, to keep him well enough to pass a medical for the tour. Without Jo, Ronnie would never have managed to go on tour, you can't do it without insurance, and you won't get insurance without the medical. It's always been up to Jo to get him through all that. All communication has gone through Jo for years, so now Mick has washed his hands of Ronnie. The feeling is that he can't come back after this one. Ronnie has always been a bit lost, and, without Jo, nobody can reach him."