The Rolling Stones are weighing up whether to ''work differently'' due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Keith Richards has admitted the iconic band may need to scrap the idea of making new albums for the time being and instead focus their attention on just releasing individual tracks.

He explained: ''If this thing goes on much longer we might try and put out another track. Work differently, instead of making an 'album' album, just release tracks.''

The band recently released the video for their track 'Scarlet', which starred 'Normal People' actor Paul Mescal.

And despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Sir Mick Jagger is already working on more new material.

He shared: ''I was working on this ballad. The reading of it is quite difficult to do. It's not technically difficult, but it's not an easy song to interpret.''

Speaking to Uncut magazine, he added: ''I'm very aware I've got to get it over in the right way. It's got to come out like you mean it.''

Meanwhile, an insider recently revealed Paul, 24, jumped at the chance to star in the band's latest video.

A source said: ''It's a massive collaboration and a great coup to get Paul on board.

''He's one of the biggest stars in the world right now, but obviously he was keen to work with some music legends too.

''Universal man­ag­ed to pull off the partnership at just the right time, and everyone involved is seriously excited.

''Paul plays a hunky party boy in the film, and no doubt there will be a whole new set of fans of his who will want to check it out too, as well as the band's fanbase.''