The Rolling Stones will go back to the ''basic essence'' of songwriting on their next record.

The band recently cut two tracks - 'Doom and Gloom' and 'One More Shot' - for new compilation 'GRRR!', and guitarist Ronnie Wood says they enjoyed working their ideas out quickly in the studio.

He said: ''It was really focused, really nose to the grindstone. And we kept everything very simple, basic. [When we make another album] I think we should go to the basic essence of the songwriting of [Sir] Mick [Jagger, singer] and Keith [Richards, guitar]. They seem to be thriving at the moment, very creative.''

When asked if there would be a new album - which would be their first since 2005's 'A Bigger Bang' - Ronnie added: ''Well, not planned, but no doubt there will be.''

Ronnie - who completes the band with Mick, Keith and drummer Charlie Watts - also said recording the songs was much easier than in the group's earlier days when some members were on drugs or drinking heavily.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''We recorded 'One More Shot' on the Tuesday, 'Doom and Gloom' on the Wednesday, overdubbed on Thursday. In the old drug days, it would have taken us six months to do that. We had a new angle on it this time.''