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Naomi Watts Joins J. Edgar

Naomi Watts is to star in Clint Eastwood's biopic 'J. Edgar'.The Australian actress will star as the FBI director John Edgar Hoover's secretary of 54 years Helen Gandy, who after his death destroyed his personal...

Howard Defends The Dilemma Over 'Gay' Line Controversy

Moviemaker RON HOWARD has defended his decision to keep a controversial joke in new comedy THE DILEMMA after he was slammed by gay rights activists over the line.The upcoming film caused uproar earlier this month...

Henry Winkler Remembers Last Phone Call To Tom Bosley

HENRY WINKLER, the much loved American actor and star of the hit show 'Happy Days', has paid tribute to his once co-star TOM BOSLEY, who died yesterday aged 83. Winker played Arthur 'The Fonz' Fonzarelli...

Ryder Launching Comeback With Howard Comedy

WINONA RYDER has seen off tough competition from UMA THURMAN and KATE BECKINSALE to win a role in the latest RON HOWARD movie, according to a new report.The Heathers star is set to launch a...

Roddenberry's Forgotten Show To Be Revived

The son of STAR TREK creator GENE RODDENBERRY has teamed up with movie director RON HOWARD to bring one of his late father's forgotten TV projects back to the small screen.Rod Roddenberry has struck a...

Howard To Receive Top Filmmaking Honour

Veteran director RON HOWARD will be honoured for his long-running filmmaking career at this year's (09) Austin Film Festival.Howard will receive the Extraordinary Contribution to Filmmaking Award annual event in October (09). In a career...

Toby Jones: The Bad Guys Are The Best

Acclaimed British actor Toby Jones has admitted he relished playing controversial presidential guru Karl Rove in Oliver Stone's George Bush biopic W.Rove was special adviser to Bush and his father during their many election campaigns...

By on 26 October 2008

Howard Still Traumatised By Nude Role

BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD still shudders at the memory of performing nude in her first stage show THE HAMLET MACHINE. THE VILLAGE star and daughter of actor/director RON HOWARD insists the 30 naked minutes caused...

Gervais Shuns Da Vinci Role

British funnyman RICKY GERVAIS snubbed a small role in new movie THE DA VINCI CODE, after convincing director RON HOWARD he would ruin it. Howard wanted the comedian to play a butler in the...

Crowe Gets Boxing Lessons

Hot-tempered hunk RUSSELL CROWE has enlisted the help of former World Champion Heavyweight contender JOE BUGNER to train as a boxer for a new film. The GLADIATOR star, who has a pugilistic reputation after...

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