The world, well, the porn world, were holding their collective breaths when industry king Ron Jeremy suffered a near-fatal aneurysm. Thankfully, for the porn world, that is, he's recovering in hospital now, report The Daily Mail.

And, judging by the photo uploaded by Jeremy, which sees him posing with a young nurse, he's back to his cheeky sensibilities. He accompanied the picture with a caption, saying: "Thank you ALL for the concern & well wishes, I'm doing very well thanks to modern technology! - Ron". Jeremy's father, Arnold Hyatt, told reporters last week: "Right now everything is in a holding pattern. He's heavily sedated and intubated. The doctors are waiting to see what develops. They anticipate it will be two or three days before they take him off the respirator." Jeremy's agent says he'll stay in the Los Angeles hospital for some time, adding that no visitors are allowed. "It was an eight-hour procedure to begin with, and then there was some bleeding around his valves, so they had to go in for a second time to stop the bleeding,' Mr Hyatt, 94, added to The New York Daily News.

Jeremy's ill-health can almost certainly be attributed to his lavish lifestyle, which saw his diet comprise several honey glazed donuts. And while he was engaging in regular exercise, of sorts, it wasn't enough to keep his heart healthy. "I was trying to steer him towards the vegetable platter. But you know what they say about Ronnie, he never turns down food or work,' said Dave Bertonlino speaking with the Boston Herald - a life-ling friend and colleague of Ron's.