Ageing porn-star Ron Jeremy, who has appeared in over 2000 adult movies, suffered a heart aneurysm and was sent to intensive care before having an operation to save his life, reports TMZ. However, now that his manager has told the website that "Ron is now resting with complete privacy and no visitors," his friend and colleague Dave Bertolino has spoken to the Boston Herald illuminating a little about the kind of diet Jeremy consumes. 

While working in LA producing a play called 'The Deep Throat Sex Scandal' just a day before Jeremy was rushed to hospital, Bertolina recalls: "Someone brought a dozen doughnuts to the theater and Ron was the first one with his hand in the box for a honey glazed chocolate... I was trying to steer him towards the vegetable platter. But you know what they say about Ronnie, he never turns down food or work." The former is not difficult to believe considering his size.

Bertolini's play is "a comedy about the landmark '70s porn flick and the political upheaval and trial that it spawned," in which Jeremy was supposed to have a cameo performance as a judge. Bertolini added of his friend: "Ronnie's got a heart of gold," Bertolino said. "He's actually quite a philanthropist. He's helped so many people but he does it anonymously so he doesn't get any credit. He's a really a great guy."