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The 5th Wave Review

Very Good

Also based on the first in a trilogy of post-apocalyptic teen novels, this thriller feels like it could be a worthy successor to The Hunger Games saga, with its smart story and strong characters. The premise feels remarkably grounded, as it follows a feisty teen while her world is turned upside down by an alien invasion. And Chloe Grace Moretz gives one of her most complex performances to date as a quick, flawed heroine.

The title refers to the stages of invasion, as unseen aliens quietly take over the planet. And then not so quietly. Most of humanity has been killed by disasters or disease, with the survivors waiting for whatever the next wave of attack might be. Before this, Cassie (Moretz) was a normal 16-year-old with a crush on the cute Ben (Nick Robinson). Now she's running for her life, trying to rescue her little brother Sam (Zackary Arthur), who has been whisked to safety by the gung-ho Colonel Vosch (Liev Schreiber) and his military resistance. Along the way, she meets farm boy Evan (Alex Roe), whom she reluctantly trusts mainly because he's such a hunk. Meanwhile, Ben finds himself in Sam's unit in the newly formed child's army Vosch is training to hunt down aliens who have taken human form.

Director Blakeson keeps the pace brisk without rushing past important details. This makes what happens feel unusually believable, and it also allows the actors to add personal touches to their performances. Moretz finds Cassie's innate courage and quick physicality, but nicely balances it with her impulsive decisions and adolescent self-doubt. As in most of these movies, she has to be in a love triangle, but her scenes with both Robinson and Roe offer something a bit more intriguing, mainly because both actors have surprises up their sleeves. There's also a fourth person in this relationship in the form of Maika Monroe's tough-girl fighter Ringer, perhaps the most intriguing character on-screen.

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Parkland - Clips

On November 22nd 1963 in Dallas, Texas, the hugely adored President John F. Kennedy was shot to death as he arrived in the city with First Lady Jackie Kennedy. A women's clothing manufacturer named Abraham Zapruder had no idea of the events that would unfold as he set up his camera preparing for Kennedy's arrival; no idea that his footage would be seen by millions repeatedly as the only visual evidence for what took place that day. Few people know anything about this man, or indeed the other people who ended up becoming involved in this historic tragedy, such as the doctors and nurses who were forced to perform immediate life-saving attempts even with their initial shock and devastation, and the family of alleged killer US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

This historical drama tells the stories of the lesser known figures who became involved with one of the most famous assassinations in the history of the world ahead its 50th anniversary. It has been directed and written by Peter Landesman who is best known for his sex slavery article 'The Girls Next Door' which was published in the New York Times. 'Parkland' will be released in UK theatres on November 8th 2013.

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The Cast Of 'Boardwalk Empire' Tell Us What's In Store For Season 4

Steve Buscemi Ron Livingston Jeffrey Wright Patricia Arquette Bobby Cannavale Gretchen Mol

This Sunday, 8 September, we'll be heading back to the 1920's when Boardwalk Empire returns for it's fourth season. The Golden Globe-winning crime drama will return to see crime lord Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson (Steve Buscemi) pick up the pieces of last season, and with a trio of new faces - Jeffrey Wright, Ron Livingston and Patricia Arquette - the upcoming season may just be the most exciting one yet.

Steve Buscemi
Steve Buscemi is back as Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson

Set at the height of Prohibition in 1924, this season will see Nucky attempt to reassert his dominance over Atlantic City follow the epic power struggle between himself and Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale). Buscemi and his new cast-mates spoke to reporters at the premiere screening of the first episode of the fourth season, detailing the moonshine-laden path that the upcoming episodes will have in store for their respective characters.

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The Conjuring Review


Old-style filmmaking makes this movie scarier than other recent horror films, simply because director Wan (Saw/Insidious) takes the time to actually develop suspense. By not using cheap trickery, he continually sends chills up our spine. So it's a shame that the story isn't more original, merely pasting together every haunted house cliche imaginable into what's apparently based on real events, but is clearly fictionalised.

Real-life ghostbusters Ed and Lorraine Warren (Wilson and Farmiga) investigated a series of hauntings, possessions and other supernatural events over their career. Their most famous case is Amityville, while this story has apparently only recently been released. It involves the Perron family, which experiences all kinds of strange phenomena when they move into a Rhode Island house in 1971. Carolyn (Taylor) starts having freaky nightmares accompanied by nasty bruising, while Roger (Livingston) struggles to cope with the odd behaviour of their five daughters (Caswell, McFarland, King, Foy and Deaver). As the Warrens determine that this is a case of demonic possession, things get even crazier.

The plot is set out as a fairly straightforward investigation, as the Warrens try to get proof of possession so they can call in a priest. Filmmaker Wan uses this to lure us into a false sense of security, quietly taking us through long scenes in which nothing much happens before gently turning the screws then shocking us with something intensely creepy. Some of this is rather obvious (like a nasty-looking doll or an evil-sounding music box), but it's such sure-handed filmmaking that it can't help but make us squirm in our seats.

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US Box Office: The Conjuring Haunts R.I.P.D. During Its Opening Weekend

Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Lili Taylor Ron Livingston Jeff Bridges Ryan Reynolds Steve Carell Steve Coogan Miranda Cosgrove Benjamin Bratt Kristen Wiig Russell Brand

The Conjuring, opening this weekend, gained $41.5 million. Another lower budget film beat off the likes of R.I.P.D. which, according to reports, cost more than $130 million to make.

Vera FarmigaVera Farmiga at the premiere of Bates Motel, L.A. 

Warner Brother's haunted house horror, which stars Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel); Lili Taylor (Hemlock Grove); Patrick Wilson (Prometheus) and Ron Livingston (The Time Traveller's Wife), follows two paranormal investigators as they attempt to help The Warrens overcome a malign presence which lurks in their seemingly idyllic country house. 

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Olivia Wilde And Jake Johnson Get Flirty In 'Drinking Buddies' [Trailer & Pictures]

Olivia Wilde Jake M. Johnson Anna Kendrick Ron Livingston

Drinking Buddies comes out on July 25th in America after some pretty serious festivals over the spring. In this trailer, we can see the film’s stars Olivia Wilde (Kate)and Jake Johnson (Luke) getting pretty cute with each other. This can’t go wrong at all, can it?

Olivia Wilde Jake Johnson
Wilde and Johnson chill out as Kate and Luke

Well, Anna Kendrick, who play’s Luke’s Jill, and Ron Livingston, who plays Kate’s Chris, might find something to take issue with there, especially when the four of them decide it would be a great idea to spend a weekend away together. Of course, Kate and Luke’s close friendship just blossoms further, as the work colleagues-cum-best buds find time to spend with eachother. But what does that mean for Jill and Chris? Trouble, that’s what.

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Drinking Buddies Trailer

Kate and Luke are co-workers at a craft brewery who have a remarkably close friendship where they never fail to make each other laugh and always have time for each other. There's definitely a spark, but Kate is in a semi-casual relationship with music producer Chris and Luke is contemplating marriage with his other half Jill. However, when the couples decide to spend the weekend together, Kate and Luke's similar personalities mean they end up with a lot of time on their own together, to the unease of their respective partners. It proves too much for Chris who thus decides to end it with Kate leaving her homeless and devastated. Luke and Jill agree to take Kate in until she finds a place of her own, but can she and Luke continue to keep their deeper feelings for each other buried in such close circumstances?

'Drinking Buddies' is a romantic comedy about the pain of heartbreak, confusion in affections and finding true love. It has been directed and written by Joe Swanberg ('LOL', 'Kissing on the Mouth') and made its premiere at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival. It will soon be released in US movie theatres on August 23rd 2013 and in the UK on November 8th 2013.

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Touchy Feely Trailer

Abby is a particularly well-rated massage therapist who enjoys living life to the fullest while her quiet and correct brother Paul is the opposite with his failing dental practise and an awkward teenage daughter to look after. Abby needs a new place to live and when her boyfriend offers her a home at his place, things start to get complicated for her. On a regular day at work, she finds herself unable to face her new client having developed a phobia of skin-to-skin contact which not only puts her career in the gutter, but also drastically affects her relationship with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, her niece Jenny develops a crush on him and attempts to seduce him despite his love for Abby. Paul's life has also taken a dramatic change after a patient claimed that Paul's healing hands cured his toothache, leading to a much fuller waiting room at his surgery. But will his new found magic touch help Abby regain her life back? 

'Touchy Feely' is the hearting-tugging drama about the unpredictability of our futures and the importance of family support. Directed and written by Lynn Shelton ('My Effortless Brilliance', Humpday', 'Your Sister's Sister'), it's a movie that will see a few laughs, a few sighs and definitely a few tears. 

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The Conjuring Trailer

When the Perron family of six move to a rural old farmhouse in New England, things seemed too good to be true as they find themselves with more space than they could've dreamed of. However, their perfect family unit is soon to be disrupted when strange and often violent supernatural happenings keep taking place about the house at all hours of the day and night. They soon find themselves the target of a demonic spirit hell-bent on devastating their lives and family home. In a bid to rid themselves of this dark force, they call upon the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to help bring some peace back into their lives. Little do they know that even the Warrens are in too deep with this particular case.

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Video - Matt Damon, Scoot McNairy And Marc Cohn At 'Promised Land' Premiere

Among arrivals for the 'Promised Land' premiere in New York were the movie's stars Matt Damon with his wife Luciana Barroso, Scoot McNairy with his wife and 'Monsters' co-star Whitney Able, John Krasinski, Rosemarie DeWitt and her husband Ron Livingston. Producer Mike Sablone and director Gus Van Sant were also present.

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer

Cindy and Jim Green is a young, married couple who are looking forward to starting a family. They try everything they can but it doesn't work. After the couple find out they can never conceive, it leaves them devastated.

Continue: The Odd Life of Timothy Green Trailer

Going The Distance Trailer

When Erin and Garrett have a chance meeting in a bar in New York, both feel a connection to one and other but they know it's not going to go anywhere. Erin is a charming and witty woman and Garrett can't help but fall for her. The only problem is Garrett is a New Yorker, all his friends and job are based in the city and Erin lives in San Francisco.

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Dinner for Schmucks Trailer

Tim loves his job, and he knows that any employee who wishes to climb the executive ladder may have to do things that they're not morally comfortable with; when Tim is invited to dinner by his boss he's elated but when it's revealed his dining partner won't be his fiancé Julie, he must find a 'remarkable' person to take to dinner, the person with the most impressive guest is rewarded with work benefits. After speaking with Julie, Tim decides he's going to take the moral highroad and give dinner a miss but when he accidentally hits a man in his Porsche, he can't believe how perfect this guy would be for the meal.

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Body Shots Review

Again, Hollywood has taken creative marketing to new heights with Body Shots. Judging by the trailers, the ads, even the tagline ("There are movies that define every decade!"), one would be led to believe that Body Shots is an incisive drama/comedy about twentysomething relationships, emphasis on the comedy.

Body Shots is not that movie.

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Beat Review

Judy Davis might have commanded the definitive Joan Vollmer role in Naked Lunch, but in Beat, Courtney Love makes a not-half-bad at reinterpreting the last weeks of her life before being accidentally(?) shot in the head during a William Tell parlor trick by her famed writer husband William S. Burroughs.

Set in broken down Mexico City, the film finds Vollmer receiving a visit from beat-heads Allen Ginsburg (Ron Livingston) and Lucien Carr (Norman Reedus). (Carr, a minor figure in beat history, was a UPI reporter responsible for introducing many of the beats to one another as well as inspiring Jack Kerouac to type On the Road on a roll of teletype paper.) Burroughs (Kiefer Sutherland) is off on one of his bisexual booty calls, leaving his wife to ponder whether she should stay with her philandering husband (being no faithful lap dog herself) or skip town and return with her two kids to New York with Lucien and Allen. (Her very short history should tell you which route she actually chose.)

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Little Black Book Review

Fall is approaching, and with it comes the next wave of lighthearted romantic comedies that are all that stands between the lonely, desperate women of America and a long, cold winter of depression and self-loathing. First out of the gate is Little Black Book, a cutesy comedy that offers about as much insight into the perils and wonder of human relationships as just about any daytime drama, but with a few laughs thrown in.

As the opening credits roll, we meet Stacy (Brittany Murphy), a young college grad heading out into the exciting world of low-budget television production. She dreams of one day working with her childhood idol, Diane Sawyer. And her mother loves Carly Simon. I don't know why the part about Carly Simon is important, but it's a recurring theme throughout the film. If her mother ever actually got any screen time, perhaps the Carly Simon thing would become at least marginally relevant to the story. But no dice. Even so, we're treated to several inexplicable Carly Simon moments that have nothing to do with anything, really, and don't add anything of substance to the film.

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