One would think that, in this day and age, we'd have learned that there are some things not worth making a joke about. The children of former US President Ronald Reagan have lashed out at recent reports that Will Ferrell is set to portray their father in a comedy about the politician's struggle with Alzheimer's.

Will FerrellWill Ferrell shamed for his upcoming comedy

Patti Davis wrote an open letter to Ferrell on her website yesterday (April 28th 2016) branding the actor 'ignorant' for his intentions to turn her father's turmoil into a comedic movie called 'Reagan' in which he stars and is producing with writer Mike Rosolio. She also explained more fully about how the ordeal affected her and her family.

'Perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about Alzheimer's and other versions of dementia. Perhaps if you knew more, you would not find the subject humorous', Davis wrote. 'I watched as fear invaded my father's eyes - this man who was never afraid of anything... For ten long years he drifted - past the memories that marked his life, past all that was familiar. And mercifully, finally past the fear.'

President Reagan died in 2004 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's in his second term in office. The upcoming film is said to be following the efforts of an intern as they attempt to convince the president that he is just an actor playing the President for a film.  

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Davis added: 'There was laughter in those years, but there was never humor.' She went on to urge Ferrell to visit dementia care facilities in order to better understand the seriousness of the disease. 'I have - I didn't find anything comedic there, and my hope would be that if you're a decent human being, you wouldn't either.'

Meanwhile, Michael Reagan responded to the situation in a similar vein on Twitter. 'Alzheimers is not a comedy to the 5 million people who are suffering with the decease, it first robs you of your mind and then it kills you', he posted. Even Donald Trump showed his support for the heartbroken family by commenting on the post: 'Horrible disease'.