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28th March 2016

Quote: "Amy Winehouse made me feel like what I did mattered; (she had) a Ronette look. She came to my show years ago in London. I had already started playing Back to Black in shows. To be so young, married to the wrong guy - that’s why I sang it... Can you imagine what Amy could have done if she had lived?" Singer Ronnie Spector still misses her number one fan.

29th January 2015

Quote: "Amy Winehouse made me know that I mattered, that my work in the '60s mattered. When she had that hairstyle, the beehive, the eyeliner, she brought back my youth to me. It was like looking at me. I remember when I first heard her singing, it was like a young Ronnie singing... I could relate to her in every way. I was that little lost girl." Sixties singer Ronnie Spector was delighted when Amy Winehouse took inspiration from her famous image.

18th April 2014

Quote: "(John Lennon) loved my voice and the way I performed and Phil was the opposite - he didn't like guys in the audience screaming at me. Maybe I would've been better off marrying John Lennon or Keith Richards. I always fantasise about that." Singer Ronnie Spector sometimes wishes she had wed another rock icon instead of notoriously controlling producer Phil Spector.

17th December 2010

Quote: "The most important thing about a bouffant is that it stands up straight. I feel bad about Amy Winehouse. Her hair is sort of tilted, like the Tower of Pisa. That's the only bad thing about her. I love her voice. I'm just worried about her hair going to the side." THE RONETTES singer Ronnie Spector has some fashion advice for AMY WINEHOUSE.

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