Ronnie Wood's dating history is somewhat dubious. Having left his wife of over 20 years for a not-quite-twenty Russian called Ekaterina Ivanova in 2008, the news was met with outrage from friends, family and fans alike. However, in a turnaround of character, Wood is now engaged to Sally Humphreys, who is the opposite of Ivanova in almost every way.

Ivanova was around 40 years his junior, so his latest fiancée, Sally Humphreys, who is only 31 years younger than him, aged 34 while Wood is 65, comes as a pleasant surprise. Reported in the Sun, Wood's stepson Jamie said: "Sally's not one of the bimbos he usually goes for. She's exactly what he needs. I don't think he can keep up with bimbos any more." He added "She's a lovely girl and she's no groupie - I can assure you of that." Humphreys is a theatre producer who went to a grammar school- a point which seems to have impressed the Daily Mail which referred to as a 'classy girl!' in reference to this part of her academic background. Despite the Mail's almost patronising reference to her grammar school background, Humphreys really does seem a cut above the rest of the drivel he'd dated before. Apparently, her hobbies include running marathons, baking cakes and knitting. 

A source close to Wood said "Ronnie and Sally have been friends a long time. He always had an eye for her but she was in a relationship. They've been inseparable for months and he decided to tie the knot again. Keith Richards has been laughing about it. He's sick of buying him wedding presents."